The Daria Episode Guide:
The Lawndale File

From outer space, to in our face! Aliens walk among us, a Sick, Sad World exclusive.
Man: The aliens aren't coming. They're already here. They could be your friends, your family. They act almost normal, but something's off.

Lawndale is under the watchful eye of a pair of government agents, who instruct the students at assembly to keep an eye out for anyone different.
At home, Helen and Jake try to get in touch with her, but don't manage it. Quinn comes down wearing a different outfit, a turtle neck, and Daria almost starts to take one of Jane's theories about alien control through neck-implants seriously.
At school, Daria and Mr. O'Neill get into a sort of conversation in the hall concerning science-fiction movies and the old cold war scare. Some overheard but not understood remarks spread like wildfire, and the whole school is talking about atomic communists from mars. At the end of the day, Mr. DeMartino is dragged off by the FBI agents.
That night, Jane calls and invites Daria over because she's scared of Trent's suddenly cheerful music. Daria tries to sneak out, but Jake notices her leaving and gets really upset, especially after Quinn repeats the communist rumor.
Daria goes off to Jane's, but passes by nearly the entire school hiding in the bushes looking for communists. They all have flashlights, and when Daria gets to Jane's house, they notice the strange lights coming from the woods. Up in her room, Jane elaborates on her alien theory until Trent stops playing and wanders by.
Artie later delivers a pizza, and when Daria asks him if he's seen any lights in the sky really freaks out. He's a vet of UFO abductions, having been through several, so he hides in Jane's house and tells the girls stories of his experiences.
The next day at school Mr. O'Neill puts on a little performance he's written about the life of Karl Marx, but is interrupted by Mr. DeMartino returning and demanding to know who told the INS he was an illegal alien (Ms. Barch, of course). All the rumors, more or less, get cleared up, until Jake runs up with Ms. Li and accuses Mr. O'Neill of leading secret communist meetings right out in the open.
At the end of the show, Daria and Jane find out that Trent's happy song was meant for a TV commercial, and Artie appears on Sick, Sad World along with images of his aliens that look a lot like Daria and Jane.

Jane: Different, eh? Hm, I wonder what I'd get if I turned you in?
Daria: More free time to spend with Kevin and Brittany?

Helen: Why didn't she come down for breakfast? Daria, is anything wrong with Quinn?
Daria: If this weren't a school day, I might have the time to begin answering that.

Tiffany: But... if Quinn's cousin's an atomic communist from Mars, shouldn't she have a more interesting outfit?
Stacy: Stop it, Tiffany, you're scaring me!

"Two of my favorite luscious ladies out to enslave Earth males and end gym class? Grrrr... Someone's been reading my dreams." -- Charles ("The Lawndale Files")

"Don't you see? Daria's turning wholesome and Quinn's a beatnik! What's going on?" -- Jake ("The Lawndale Files")

Upchuck: These reds come red-hot from the red planet itself. We're talking Mars.
Mr. O'Neill: Charles, I think you mean Marx.

Wraith's Ramblings:
This episode at least has a few good lines in, but overall wasn't worth the time.
Also see my Rambling of 11-3-00.

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