The Daria Episode Guide:
Jane's Addition

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Mr. O'Neill gives the class an assignment to form into groups and make a multimedia presentation. Jane gets Daria to team up with her (Jane's grade is hurting, and she really needs the help), and decides to go get Trent to help them with the music portion of the assignment. They go to The Zen that night to watch a Mystik Spiral gig.
At the gig, Jane notices a cute guy, Tom, looking at her. After Mystik Spirals first set, Daria heads to the bathroom and Tom approaches Jane. Tom and Jane head out to see his car, and Jane leaves Daria to talk to Trent, but they promise to be back for the second set.
Daria talks to Trent about their project, which he first thinks is a documentary about the band. He does agree to do the music, however. Daria decides not to stick around, since there's an hour between the sets, and Trent offers her a ride home.
The next day is Saturday, and Daria calls up Jane and has a fairly bitter conversation with her. Jane invites her over to work on the project, like Daria and Trent had discussed. Daria comes over, but Trent is just getting, and Jane's too tired to work on the project. And then Tom shows up.
Trent and Daria go into the kitchen to talk about the project, and Jane goes to walk Tom to his car. Trent and Daria have a short talk about Tom, but he gets a call from Max and has to run to an audition he forgot about.
The next week, Jane's got her sketches ready to scan, and Trent has bought a MIDI keyboard to mess around with.
Tom is going to spend time with some friends, so Daria and Jane go out for pizza. Then Tom shows up, saying his friends blew him off. Daria is less than friendly towards him, and chases him off. Jane isn't happy about her actions, and Daria leaves.
The day before the project is due, Daria goes over to the Lane residence to find out if Trent's finished the music. He's still "conceptualizing" and they both vent on him. He takes off, and then Daria does as well.
Daria runs into Tom on her way home. He offers her a ride, but she refuses, so he gets out to walk with her for a while so they can talk.
Trent doesn't deliver on the music, of course. Daria and Jane still have to do their presentation of course, but The Emotional Trauma Cycle of a High School Teen just has to do without music.
Trent stops by to take Daria out for pizza, to apologize for not getting the music done. They meet Jane and Tom at the pizza place, and after Trent has to leave for practice, Daria joins Jane and Tom.

Jane: Isn't exciting assignment a contradiction in terms?
Daria: I don't know. Let's ask our inspiring instructor.

Max: Look, when I'm going foom, foom, foom, foom, what damn good does it do to have you going badda-dah, badda-dah, badda-dah, blat?
Nick: It's not blat, Max; it's blam.

"Hey, the second set's just the stuff that's not good enough for the first. I wouldn't stay for it myself, if I weren't in the band." -- Trent ("Jane's Addition")

Trent: Thanks for coming to the gig. I got to get back before Max and Nicholas kill each other.
Daria: Yeah. You don't want to miss that.

"After you called I got up, got dressed, and then fell back asleep. You did call, right? 'Cause I don't think I could have dreamed a conversation that nasty." -- Jane ("Jane's Addition")

"Who said anything about writing music? He sampled the toilet flushing and created an all-plumbing version of `O, Susanna.`" -- Jane ("Jane's Addition")

Daria: And even if we were friends, I still wouldn't ride in that car.
Tom: That's just plain common sense.

Jane: Trent, I don't care if she forgives you. I'm never speaking to you again.
Trent: You just did.
Jane: Damn!

Wraith's Ramblings:
Excellent season finish, with a highlighting of Daria and Jane's friendship, some exploration of Trent's character, and the addition of someone else that can fit in with Daria.
Also see my Rambling of 11-4-00.

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