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See Jane Run

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The gym class gets turned into what amounts to cheerleader practice, so Daria and Jane try to sit it out. Jane notices a cute guy walking across the gym (even though it's a female-only gym class), and Daria pokes some fun at her for it. Ms. Morris, the gym teacher, gets angry with them for not practicing, and gives them what amounts to gym detention (they have to make up the class after school).
Mack gets worried about an Ethics midterm he thinks he didn't do very good on, and finds out that Kevin got a "by" on it, which makes him really angry at Kevin. Jane tells Daria about her problems in math, thanks partially due to a pop quiz she wasn't ready for, that's threatening her C average.
Daria's home late because of the gym class make-up, but Jake thinks she met a guy. Helen is somewhat supportive of Daria's stance, although her speech is ruined when Quinn comes in and tells everyone about her uncomfortable but pretty shoes.
Jane decides she's going to show up Ms. Morris, and between that and Evan (the cute guy from gym class) she decides to try out for the track team. She makes it on the team, and Daria is less than enthusiastic about it. Daria starts talking to herself, which Helen over hears and starts to worry about.
Quinn has the Fashion Club over to watch a beauty pageant on TV. Quinn manages to keep up the charade that Daria is her cousin, not her sister somehow, even when Daria stands behind them and makes snide comments.
Helen asks Quinn to spend some time with Daria. Quinn agrees to do so if she can take Helen's credit card to the mall. Daria gets Quinn to let her have the first cash advance off the card, and they end up going to the library (partly to avoid any of Quinn's friends). Quinn ends up telling semi-fairy-tells (adaptations of "Waif") to little kids, then goes off with one of their older brothers.
Jane has her first track meet, which Daria (and Trent) go to watch. After her big opening, which excites the entire Lawndale crowd, Jane and Daria go out for pizza, where Daria tells her about all the TV she missed, while they keep getting interrupted by people coming by to congratulate Jane. When Evan comes over, Daria makes a crude and nasty comment, shocking Jane, but not phasing Evan. Jane gets pissed off at Daria for the comment and storms out.
Daria apologizes to Jane in gym class the next day, and Jane gets them both out of class by complaining about her legs being sore, which prompts Ms. Morris to let them watch TV in her office.
Daria starts talking to herself out-loud when she doesn't realize she's doing it, which really worries Helen, and convinces Jake that there's something going on with that guy Knuckles.
Then Jane takes a "by" on her math test, which prompts Daria to get into a big fight with her. After Daria walks off, Evan comes up and makes some comments about losers, which makes Jane walk off and quit the team.
Daria and Jane make up, but the rest of the team (and Ms. Morris) try to pressure her to rejoin the team. Ms. Morris threatens her with the math test to get her to return, but Jane counters with the threat of telling each of the local news stations that the others are running a story on the grade-fixing scheme.

Ms. Morris: Ladies. Why aren't you exercising with the rest of the class?
We are exercising.
We're exercising our right to abstain from cheerleader practice.

Ms. Morris: Jane Lane. You're just like your sisters, aren't you?
Jane: We share certain chromosome pairs. Beyond that, I'm not supposed to say.

"If someone named Knuckles calls, it's for me." -- Daria ("See Jane Run")

Jane: You know, I'd really like to show that Ms. Morris the Lanes are no pack of ordinary deadbeats.
Daria: Of course not. You're deadbeats with style.

Jane: I like to run.
Ms. Morris: Okay. Let's see if you're any good at it.
Jane: I'd particularly like to run up and down your spine wearing track spikes.

"Hey, if she's the pathetic one, why am I talking to myself? And more importantly, why am I waiting for a reply?" -- Daria ("See Jane Run")

Quinn: What? Can't a sister spend time with her...
Daria: Cousin?

"The question is, am I supporting my friend, or her surrender to the system? (Andrea closes her locker) Do you mind? This is a private conversation." -- Daria ("See Jane Run")

"I just pretend I'm running away from a pep rally." -- Jane ("See Jane Run")

"Oh. They're eating dinner. Should I sit down and join them or fake a headache? I'm not feeling too well. I think I'll eat later." -- Daria ("See Jane Run")

"How about if I call the three local TV stations and tell each one that the other two are running the story?" -- Jane ("See Jane Run")

Wraith's Ramblings:
It's nice to get some more exploration of Jane, but Daria seemed a little out of character at a couple points in this episode (nasty, okay, but crude isn't her usual style). Jodie and Mack are in it a little, which is always nice, and Andrea gets some face time (but no lines). Certainly not bucking for top episode, but pretty good overall.
Also see my Rambling of 10-24-00.

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