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Pierce Me

He gave her his kidney, she gave him her heart. Transplants and romance, when Sick, Sad World continues.

Jane's birthday is coming up, but she doesn't feel like celebrating it, although Daria tries to get her to.
Helen finds out about a mother/daughter fashion show coming up at the school, and becomes determined to join it with Quinn. Trent calls in the middle of dinner, and Jake mistakenly passes the phone to Quinn, who gets really confused, as does Trent. Quinn thinks he's telemarketing, and tries to get Helen to tell him off, but eventually he's allowed to speak with Daria. Daria starts to talk with him, but he gets interrupted by Jane. Several times. Jane gets curious, and Trent hangs up and tries to act normal, but forgets about re-dial. Jane is shocked when Daria answers.
Quinn starts wanting to go to the fashion show, but only so she can get on the runway. After Sandi calls Quinn tells Helen that Sandi and her mother are insisting on being in the show, which of course gets Helen ready.
Trent comes over, and Jake thinks he's Quinn's date. When he finds out Trent is there to see Daria, they corner him and give him a little talking to, but Daria comes downstairs and rescues him before they can get too into things. Trent finally tells Daria why he was calling; he wants her to help him pick out a present for Jane.
Quinn starts getting fanatical about Helen's appearance, thanks to the upcoming fashion show. They go out on a mother-daughter beauty day, which basically means a hair salon for hair styling, manicures and pedicures.
Trent and Daria end up going down to Dega Street, which has a lot of stores lining it. Daria has to persuade Trent not to buy himself a present at first. Then Trent fixes on Axle's two-for-one piercing special, even though it isn't really for Jane. Trent persuades Daria to get her bellybutton pierced after Axle refuses to pierce her ears ("Ears are two holes, special is one hole").
Quinn and Helen then head over to Cashman's, where they run into Eric, Helen's boss, and his niece Jasmine.
Daria gets pierced, with Trent's help (he holds her hand), after meeting one of Trent's former band-mates, Monique. Daria shows it to Jane, and lets slip that Trent's looking for Jane's birthday present. When Jodie comes in, Jane can't help showing it off. Quinn also finds out about it, thanks to Daria scratching it all the time (and looking at it in the bathroom mirror). Quinn wants to tell her parents, but Daria scares her with the thought of what upsetting Helen the night before the fashion show will do to her chances on stage.
The ring itches so much Daria takes it off for the night, and by morning her piercing has closed up. When she finds out, she goes over to Jane's house. Daria tries to hide it from Trent, but he overhears her talking to Jane (he's coming back from practice).
Tiffany hires a model from an agency to be her mother in the fashion show. Helen and Quinn manage to fall over on the runway, all while Jake is recording them with his camcorder.
Daria and Jane go to a Mystick Spiral gig, where Jane finally finds out what her present it; a song from Trent, inspired by an earlier daydream of Daria's.
Helen tries to cheer up Quinn, and when asked if there's something that could cheer her up, she rats out Daria's piercing. Daria's piercing has closed totally by the time Helen and Jake confront her about it, and Daria enjoys the backlash Quinn gets.

Daria: Okay, okay. No party and no presents.
Jane: Who said no presents?

Jane: You're acting really weird, that's all.
Trent: I'm acting weirder than usual?
Jane: None of your trick questions, young man, you're behaving strangely.

"Rrrrrredial!" -- Jane ("Pierce Me")

Daria: Mom, dad, Quinn's on the phone in the kitchen ordering a convertible.
Jake: Oh my God!

Trent: I'll pick you up tomorrow morning, not too early. Sometime before lunch. Or after.
Daria: Um, okay.
Trent: Or better yet, why don't we leave it loose?

Helen: Daria? Last chance to join us for a mother daughter day of beauty. It's very relaxing.
Daria: Once you pass out from the pain.

"I came straight from rehearsal. We ran late, or early. Whatever." -- Trent ("Pierce Me")

"And I can't set foot in a bookstore. Don't ask me why, Daria, I just don't want to talk about it." -- Trent ("Pierce Me")

Daria: I don't think that's how you spell uvula.
Axle: It's not uvula.

"And take fifty milligrams a day of, um some metal or other. Zinc, aluminum, I forget." -- Axle ("Pierce Me")

"Oh no. The toilet is talking to me again." -- Jane ("Pierce Me")

Daria: Gee, maybe E.T. came in my room and touched my navel while I slept.
Jane: Boy, Daria, you have the weirdest sex dreams.
Daria: Don't tell Trent.
Jane: About E.T.?

Quinn: I love Tiffany, I really do...
Sandy: She's so smooshy!

Helen: You'll have other moments in the sun.
Quinn: But none with you, mom.
Helen: Oh, that's so sweet.
Quinn: Nope. None with you. No freakin' way.

Wraith's Ramblings:
This episode has more than a little fanservice in it, but it's not all directed at the shippers, who get tweaked a bit. Some of Daria's behavior seems too much (like the shaking), but overall no one strays too much. It's a funny episode, and there's finally an ending where Daria manages to come out best from a bad situation again.
Also see my Rambling of 10-26-00.

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