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The New Kid

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Jodie asks Daria to join Yearbook, telling her she can get a bribe from her parents. She joins, and ask for (and gets) some webpage software - not like you can't download some for free. Daria was planning on trading it in for a video game (Cannibal Fragfest on CD-ROM).
At Yearbook, Daria meets the guy who's Photo Editor. He's a complete oddball who's been home-schooled and totally isolated all his life, only just now joining the mainstream. He's presumably the "mysterious stranger" mentioned before the season. Daria and Ted hit it off for some reason.
Then Ted asks Mr. DeMartino to cut some pages from sports and clubs to focus more on students "making a difference." Daria is standing next to him at the time, so everyone starts bitching at her about it. Sandi makes up her mind to confront her, but Quinn persuades her not to. Everyone, starting with Quinn, assumes she's going out with him (and that he's in a cult, although Jane starts that).
Daria goes over to Ted's house, and ends up giving him some gum (along with a Beatles cassette), which causes his parents to go complain to Helen and Jake. Ted gives Daria a handmade necklace to thank her for the gum, and Daria refuses. Helen bribes Quinn (with new shoes) to set up Daria with another date. She forces one of the Fashion Club fanatic's (Richard) to double date as Daria's date. Daria apologizes to Ted, but Ted tells her how much she reminds him of Quinn. Daria agrees to go after Quinn asks if she wants mom and dad to set her up.
On their date, they drive around and Richard reads questions to Daria off of note cards, and then asks if sports and clubs can get their pages back, at which point Daria takes off. Then the Fashion Club, Brittany, and Kevin go complain to Mr. DeMartino about the Yearbook, but Ted mentions a sale at Cashman's so the Fashion Club runs off. Kevin gets beat in a "mercy" style contest with Ted, who's been doing isometric exercises.
Daria and Ted go out for pizza, where Daria makes a faux pas. Then Mrs. Barch goes and beats up Mr. DeMartino because she's faculty advisor to the Science Club and she wants her pages back. Daria takes Ted to the video arcade, where they play a virtual reality game (of the sort TV never gets right, including this time) in a castle setting. Richard is there with a couple friends, and they join in the game, where Ted beats them all at swordfighting. Daria leaves the game and sits down to read, while Ted becomes friends with Richard and company.
They're there until closing. Daria finds out about the pages, and quits Yearbook for ethical reasons (Helen: Again?). Then she finds out that Quinn got the webpage software, and got one of the computer types from school to set her up a fashion webpage. When she mentions how many hits her page has received in the last few hours, Daria closes the door and starts trying to match it, in a way that has nothing to do with web-pages.

Daria: I can't believe you're trying to bribe me... with singles.
Helen: Sweetie, it's not a bribe, it's a deal. Honestly, you're worse than my clients.

Sandi: As President of the Fashion Club I can be kind of intimidating.
Quinn: Oh, you're definitely scary Sandi.

Daria: You were trying to buy my influence with a date?
Quinn: That's how we do it in America, comrade.

"I told you: first date, stick to vandalism and loitering, but you always have to be different." -- Jane ("The New Kid")

Daria: I had to resign from Yearbook. It was a question of ethics.
Helen: Again?
Jake: Don't worry, she was on staff for a week, she can still put it on her college application.
Daria: No questions about ethics here.

Wraith's Ramblings:
This was the episode that basically killed second season. Quinn the Brain was a mortal wounding, but the momentum from first season was enough to keep it going... until this. Sadly, this was written by the same pair of writers that gave us (the much better) "College Bored" and "The Big House." Bad characterization, rampant (no pun intended) male-bashing, and a rather less-than-likely (and less than mediocre) plot combine with predictable results.
Also see my Rambling of 3-31-98.

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