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When these ballerinas work out at the bar, they work out at the bar. Tanked in a Tutu, when Sick, Sad World returns.

The Morgendorffers are watching home movies of Daria and Quinn, and Jake announces that he's having films of his childhood transferred over to video tape, and gets all excited about reliving his childhood.
Then Daria and Jane go to a foreign film festival at Playhouse 99, and end up running into Mr. O'Neill on the way out (well, okay, he chases them down). He offers them a ride, and since it's starting to rain, they accept. They talk about the film, and after Daria makes some nasty comments about how people would rather watch a movie than read Mr. O'Neill decides she suggested the English class should make films, and falls in love with the idea.
Daria borrows Jake's video camera, and she and Jane set out to film something. Anything. Starting with anyone walking by a tree, from the tree's viewpoint. After a few false starts (and gratuitous embarrassment-in-front-of-Trent scenes), they decide on filming a Day in the Life of Quinn. They get the idea when Quinn borrows one of Daria's outfits for the "Fashion Don'ts Costume Gala". Meanwhile, Jodie, Mack, Brittany and Kevin end up teamed up, and film a documentary about the supermarket strike (after they blow off the love story Brittany wants to do). Jake gets all nostalgic about his videos, and sets out to write a narration for them, while Helen goes and "hints" that Daria should go easy on Quinn with the film.
Next morning, they go to tape Quinn, and find she's done some early-morning prep work to make sure she looks good. They follow her to her Power Yoga session, where she tries to sound profound. Meanwhile, Jake is watching his videos, and is starting to remember what his childhood was really like.
Daria and Jane then follow Quinn and the Fashion Club to the pizza place and then the mall, where Quinn throws a hissy fit about her pores and the camera's zoom lens. Then there's a little dream sequence where Daria has nightmares about being Quinn. Since she's awake, she wanders downstairs for a drink, and finds Jake on the couch watching his video. They talk a bit about parent/child bonding and watch the video.
Daria and Jane meet at the donut place in the morning, where there's another gratuitous embarrassment-in-front-of-Trent scene. Later, Helen finds Daria and Jane editing their video (apparently the Morgendorffers have some pretty fancy video gear), and tries to guilt Daria into going easy on Quinn. Then Quinn shows up, totally nervous, and tries, with rather more success, to guild Daria into being nice.
Back in class, they watch the videos (The Depths of Shallowness), with Quinn peeking in from the door. Daria's changed the ending by taking out the pores hissy, and putting in a stupid little bit where Quinn tries to sound deep. The video, of course, makes Quinn even more popular than before.

Jane: He wanted you to watch your birth? That could scar you for life.
Daria: The birth itself did that.

Kevin: I don't see any vegetables!
Daria: You should have my view.

Mr. O'Neill: Don't you want to sit in front, Daria?
Daria: I'd love to, but, uh... you know, I'm afraid of an airbag injury.
Mr. O'Neill: Oh my gosh, I'm sorry, what was I thinking? Of course you must sit in the back.

"Let's face it. Most people would rather watch a movie than read a book. It's fast, it's easy, and you don't have to worry about your lips moving." -- Daria ("Monster")

Kevin: I was trying to do it in slow-motion, like Jodie said.
Brittany: You add the slow-motion part after, you idiot! Don't you?

"When these ballerinas work out at the bar, they work out at the bar. Tanked in a tutu, when Sick, Sad World returns." ("Monster")

Daria: I guess I could go easy on her.
Helen: Thanks, sweetie. (Leaves)
Daria: But don't hold your breath.

Brittany: I'm getting a craving, babe.
Kevin: Ho-hos?
Brittany: Yeah!

Sandi: Are your cousin and her friend going to follow us everywhere we go?
Quinn: I told you, just ignore them.
Tiffany: You always say that about them, but they don't usually have a camera.

"Oh my God, they've been... they've been zooming! You better not zoom that thing. Stop zooming, I mean it! If you can see any of my pores on camera, I sear I'll kill you. Stop the tape! I do not have pores, my pores are cute, my pores are tiny! You're fired!" -- Quinn ("Monster")

Wraith's Ramblings:
This was a good episode over-all, and there were some nice animation touches (like Quinn nervously swinging her hands together). The ending was rather unfortunate, however, in light of the way Quinn has been treating Daria in the last several episodes.
Also see my Rambling of 3-24-98.

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