The Daria Episode Guide:

SSW Reporter: You mean you want him back? Even though he tied you to a chair and left it on an eight-lane highway in the middle of rush hour?
Woman: He got carried away by the moment.

Daria and Jodie - and their parents - are invited to attend a recruiting session for a nearby exclusive high-school for geniuses. Quinn doesn't want to go, until she finds out she isn't allowed to go, so Helen gets her shuffled off to Sandi's house for the night.
Daria and Jodie meet some of the people there, and start to like the place, get shown boring videos, the usual. Quinn ticks off Sandi when Sandi's brothers come in and fawn over Quinn, so Sandi kicks Quinn out.
The Morgendorffers meet the Landons, and really don't get off on the right foot. Meanwhile, Daria and Jodie find out all about the cliques at this high-school, which rather displeases them, and no wonder. Quinn manages to piss off Tiffany by getting bored with telling her that she doesn't look fat in that dress, so Tiffany kicks her out. After a brief stay with Stacy, where Stacy really overdoes kissing up to and imitating Quinn, she runs off and convinces Jane to let her sleep over (Daria having scared her with talk of puppy-kickers).
Daria and Jodie find the school's students to be shallow and snobbish, have a big confrontation, and decide not to go there (rather pleasing Helen and Jake, who found out how much parents were expected to take part).

Helen: The friends you make there could really launch your career.
Daria: And why study when you can network?

Quinn: That place where they fence in all the geeks? Why do I have to go? That's not fair!
Helen: Quinn, I'm afraid siblings aren't invited. You're staying home.
Quinn: You mean the whole family gets to go without me? That's not fair!

"Remember, no matter what happens on this ride, you've already waived your right to sue me for confining you with lunatics." -- Daria ("Gifted")

"Oh, sure, Kevin's great... at smashing beer cans with his head." -- Jodie ("Gifted")

Jake: Maybe I could talk Helen into having a boy.
Helen: Maybe I could talk you into letting me keep the house.

"You're not freaking fat, okay?" -- Quinn ("Gifted")

Graham: They say that high school is supposed to be the happiest time of your life.
Daria: Only if your life is extremely short.

Daria: Busting on jerks like Graham is one of life's few pleasures. You should try it more often.
Jodie: Oh, shut up.
Daria: Um... good start.

Quinn: Excuse me, I have a name.
Trent: Right. Daria's sister.

"Rent a brain." -- Jodie ("Gifted")

Wraith's Ramblings:
This was the episode that finally turned me off first time around. Taken on it's own, it's not too bad, simply not good. However, coming after "Quinn the Brain" and directly after "The New Kid", the bashing of the smart kids and the continuation of the male bashing were just too much (sort of the bag of neutronium that broke the camel's back). It was nice to meet Jodie's parents, and it did seem likely that Jodie and Daria would be friends, but Jodie's character has never been established well enough (beyond the stereotype) to make this truly important.
Also see my Rambling of 6-29-98.

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