The Daria Episode Guide:
That Was Then, This is Dumb

The nightmare story of an enchanted kiss gone horribly wrong, when Sick, Sad World returns.

Helen and Jake's old friends, the Yeagers, come for a visit. They haven't seen each other for twenty-five years, and the Yeagers are still the same as they were.. hippies. Daria quickly tires of them, and decides to go to Jane's. She convinces Quinn to stay by offering her money for dirt on their parents, although this only works after Quinn sees the Yeager's son.
Over at Jane's house, Trent and Jesse are comparing vinyl to (I guess) CDs (I'm still not sure what the tin foil thing is supposed to prove). Jane and Daria find out that Trent and Jesse are taking some records (of Jesse's parents) to the flea-market to sell, and Jane decides that they'll come along.
At the Morgendorffer's house, Willow and Coyote talk about their hand-woven hammock business, until Jake complains about the vegetarian food and offers everyone a burger. The Yeagers complain about how uptight he's gotten, and they flashback to an attempt - led by Jake - to raise the Pentagon by positive vibes. Daria spends the night over at Jane's house, having to borrow a nightgown from Jane and ending up with one given to her by her grandmother.
Over at the Morgendorffer's house Ethan finds Daria's room and immediately decides to spend the night there. Helen and Jake start worrying about what they've become, and Jake decides to grow a beard in defiance. Trent and Jesse stay awake all night rather than get up early, then fall asleep at the flea market. Upchuck shows up and offers to teach Daria and Jane how to sell things (after some banter between Daria and Jane wakes up Trent, although he doesn't let on).
Quinn follows Ethan around fishing for compliments and Helen complains about the Yeager's dog chewing up the furniture. She then gets a call from Eric, and tells him to mellow out while the Yeagers watch. When they go out to play Frisbee, she calls Eric back (on speed dial, of course) and gets to business. Coyote works on their car (an old VW Bug, naturally) and Helen and Willow come out to work on a compost heap, offering some berry juice to the guys. Jane sends Trent and Daria off to get sodas, and then Jesse and Jane head off for burgers, leaving Upchuck in charge of the booth (until he sees someone with a copy of Eyeful, and he runs off). Trent buys Daria a soda, and they sit down to talk about the sixties and Daria's parent's friends (again showing Trent's smoker's cough).
Coyote and Willow start to complain about the hippy lifestyle. Coyote asks Jake to teach him to golf, and Helen gives Willow her bread-maker. Jane tries to strike up a conversation with Jesse, but is totally unsuccessful. They run into Daria and Trent, then spot Upchuck, who's helping Mr. DeMartino sort through some girlie mags. The return to find the booth trashed, only three copies of Boston left.
Ethan tells Quinn all sorts of stories about their parents. When Daria, Quinn and Ethan show up late for dinner, Helen threatens to ground them until Daria asks about her spending the night in jail in Boulder. Then next day the Yeagers take off, with Jake giving them marketing advice for their business.

Daria: Just be yourself. That's what you've always told me.
Helen: I could kick myself for that.

Quinn: What kind of car is that?
Daria: It's not a car, it's a time-machine.

"Is this a retro thing, or are they serious?" - Quinn ("That was Then, This is Dumb")

Trent: Zappa digital... Zappa analog.
Jesse: Sounds the same to me.
Trent: You call yourself a musician?
Jesse: No, I call myself an interpreter of sound.

Trent: It's the warmth of vinyl, man. I'm telling you, it's a richer tone.
Jane: You're tuned to the radio.

Coyote: Ethan's going to rock-climb. When he's ready.
Ethan: Whatever. Peas.

Helen: I'll put Coyote and Willow in your room.
Daria: You're going to them in my room? You better tether them to the bed so they don't float away.

Jesse: We'll load the van.
Jane: Van?
Jesse: You know, the Tank.
Jane: Oh, goody.

"Breakfast? I thought it was lunch time. I'm going back to bed." - Ethan ("That was Then, This is Dumb")

Daria: I think he stopped breathing.
Jane: Nah, he's entering a dormant stage. In about ten years he'll emerge as a butterfly. I guess you're going to wait.

Jake: Wow, this is strong stuff!
Willow: It's got natural pectins.
Jake: I love pectins!

Jake: Wow, sounds like the girls are getting liberated.
Coyote: Cool.

"This has got to be worth at least twenty bucks. Now tell me again about how mom punched out the cop." - Quinn ("That was Then, This is Dumb")

Wraith's Ramblings:
This episode has some nice exploration into Jake and Helen's backgrounds, and some somewhat interesting new characters are introduced. More Daria and Trent, as well as a little more Charles. Not as funny as it could have been, but not bad.
Also see my Rambling of 3-22-98.

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