The Daria Episode Guide:
This Year's Model

SSW Reporter: An encyclopedia is an unusual product for a super-model to promote, isn't it?
Model (in French accent): But you see, what's different about my encyclopedia is you only buy the letters you find attractive. And it's got big margins to draw your own pictures. You call them "margins", yes?
SSW Reporter: And you say you wrote every word yourself?

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The Amazon Modeling Company to conduct a class in the school auditorium, and Principal Li is paid a fee, which she plans to use to buy bullet-proof skylights for the pool. The two talent scouts (Cloude and Romanica) try to get Daria and Jane to be in the class, but they won't do it.
Daria and Jane really don't like the idea of the modeling company coming, and Helen and Jake agree with Daria. Then Quinn gets really excited about taking the class, and Helen agrees to not talk about redecorating Daria's room for 12 months if Daria will go and keep an eye on Quinn.
Trent shows up in the modelling class (where all of the Fashion Club are on stage with one other girl who is a decoy). He says he's there because he's a musician and needs to get used to being around models, but he seems rather interested in Daria.
Cloude and Romanica have guys from the audience (including Kevin) come on stage to pose with the girls. Then, the guys are asked to take off their shirts, and Principal Li walks in and breaks things up.
A few days later, when Principal Li is about to announce the winner of the contract, a militia group comes in and announces that they will be holding a class in the auditorium in a few days. The media shows up, and no-one believes that Principal Li didn't invite the militia, since she had invited the modeling company. Quinn gets really upset, because she thinks she would have won the contract, but Kevin wins it instead.

"I wish there'd been a schizophrenic shut-in living in our house before we moved in.  Course, we've got Trent living there now.  That's almost the same thing." - Jane ("This Year's Model")

Jane:  I've said it before, I'll say it again.  You have the coolest room.
Daria:  It's got pros and cons.  You can't hurt yourself in here, but you can't hurt anybody else in here either.

Principal Li:  Good morning.  I hope I'm not disrupting the learning process.
Mr. O'Neill:  Oh... no.

"Well, I, for one, am very excited about this.  I can feel myself getting into the modeling spirit... may I be excused?  I'd like to go to the girls' room and vomit up breakfast." - Jane ("This Year's Model")

Jodie:  You know, you don't always have to be against everything.  If a kid wants to take a modeling class, you can't tell her no.
Daria:  Maybe not.  But you don't have to let the fashion mobs push their classes on school grounds, either.
Jane:  Yah.  It's not fair to the drug dealers.  They have to wait behind the parking lot.

"The whole thing's enough to turn your stomach.  Which I guess is good if you want to be a model... eases the transition to bulemia." - Daria ("This Year's Model")

Cloude:  Oh!  Look at you.  So pouty, so waif-like.  Could you remove your glasses?
Daria:  Could you remove your halter-top?
Cloude:  Pardon?
Daria:  I can't take my glasses off.  I need them to see scam artists.

"Don't be sad Brittany.  He's with the winners now." - Jane ("This Year's Model")

Brittany:  All right, he's yours now.  But I'll always be his first.  You can't take that away from me.
Other girl:  I can.

Wraith's Ramblings:
Like much of the rest of early first season, this episode is more about establishing the characters than developing them. Still a good episode, with some nice refences and good jokes, and one of the at-this-point-standard Daria-turns-the-table endings.

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