The Daria Episode Guide:

The Mall of the Millennium opens 100 miles from Lawndale, and Quinn desperately wants to go. Daria really doesn't care about it, but Mrs. Bennett, the economics teacher, decides to take the class on a field trip there. The class meets with mall executives, and Daria and Jane figure out they're being used for market research, and everyone in the class gets $20 merchandise coupons to keep them from talking to the media.
Daria and Jane get assigned to watch traffic patterns at the food court, where they run into Quinn and the Fashion Club, who skipped school to come to the mall. Daria forces Quinn to do her work around the house for a month, and give them a ride home, to keep quiet about it.
Then Jane and Daria go to use Jane's coupon. She tries to buy a pair of scissors, but finds out it's a hair salon. Jane tries to get her hair styled like a woman from Animal Maulings on Home Video, complete with dirt clods. The hairstylist buys her coupon for cash.
Then they go to the Doodad shop to use Daria's coupon. Daria is their 10,000th customer, so she wins a bunch of free doodads (which she apparently ditches somewhere or gives to Jane for use as art supplies, as she doesn't take them home).

"If you play that John Lennon song backwards, it says - imagine all the people, browsing in a mall. Isn't that weird?" - Daria ("Malled")

Quinn: How will I hold my head up in the fashion club?
Daria: A traction pulley?

Kevin: Alright! Field trip! Where we going, man?
Daria: The field.
Kevin: Cool!

Daria:  I'm sorry, Mrs. Bennet.  I can't go to the mall.  I have a skin condition.
Mrs. Bennett:  What are you talking about, Daria?
Daria:  If I'm in an enclosed space for too long, I get hives.
Mrs. Bennett:  But you're in an enclosed space now.
Daria:  Yes... and, I'm really itchy?
Jane: These hives get bad, Mrs Bennet, I've seen them.  They drip with puss.  (pause)  Just trying to help.

Daria: It's the fumes. It smells like, it smells like...
Jane: Teen spirit?
Daria: Cheap perfume.
Jane: Brittany must be working up a sweat.

"Where are we going? The mall! What are we spending? Money! Money! Mall! Mall! Money! Mall! Mall!" - Brittany ("Malled")

"I always look for security guards leading away someone in handcuffs. Shoplifters are the best judges of merchandise." - Jane ("Malled")

"Perky, a little bouncy, not too bouncy..." - Brittany ("Malled")

Jodie:  I feel used.  I feel abused.  I feel this is not a fun mall afterall, and the media should be made aware of it.
Manager:  All right, little lady.  Here's a coupon for a free frozen yoghurt.
Jodie: Don't insult me.
Manager:  Make it a $10 merchandise coupon?
Jane:  You're still insulting her.

"Dlavender-5, Dlavender-5, nothing to it." - Jane ("Malled")

Jane:  Yah!  I'd love to have hair like that woman who was molested by the kangaroo.
Daria:  Really?  She looked so... everyday.
Jane:  I mean, after she was molested.
Daria:  Oh.
Jane:  (to the hairstylist)  Make sure you get, like, the big clods of dirt and stuff in it.

"Did you see that cute little thingy with the cute little thingy?" - Brittany ("Malled")

Wraith's Ramblings:
Pretty good episode, even if a hundred miles is a bit much for a school field trip to a mall. Not much in the way of character development, although some earlier trends are reinforced (such as the Morgendorffer family's fondness for bribery).

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