The Daria Episode Guide:
The Invitation

Daria helps Brittany in art class, and Brittany decides to repay her by inviting Daria to her party. At first Daria doesn't want to go, but then she finds out Quinn was invited, so she decides to go to embarrass Quinn. Jane comes along to get some sketches (or so she says), but has to persuade Daria to actually go through with it.
They get a ride from Trent, Jane's brother, and Daria acts a bit strange during the trip. They distract the guard (Britanny lives in a gated community) by giving him Jane's sketch book, so Jane can get in.
Daria and Jane get a tour of Brittany's house by Upchuck, who got invited by dissecting Brittany's frog. Two guys try to pick up Daria and Jane, and Jane goes with one to the "make out room".
Quinn insults Daria and the goes to hide in the bathroom, so Daria goes and tells embarrassing stories to Joey, Jeffey, and Jamie. Jane comes out of the make out room (somewhat embarrased and not pleased), and she and Daria leave the party.
Quinn gets Joey, Jeffey and Jamie to fight over her.
The gate guard goes looking for Jane to get into the art class, and Jane and Daria pretend to be security guards and harass the people coming in. Brittany's party gets broken up by the cops, and Daria, Jane and Quinn get a ride home with Upchuck.

Joey: Hey Quinn, can I carry your books?
Jeffey: Hey Quinn, can I carry your... pencil?
Jamie: Hey Quinn, can I carry your... uhhh... got anything else?
Quinn: A hair-scrunchy?
Daria: Careful! Don't hurt yourself with that scrunchy.

"You can't expect me to choose a boyfriend right away, that would be like eating the first pancake off the stove. You have to feed one to the dog." - Quinn ("The Invitation")

Daria: These are really good. I didn't know you studied life drawing.
Jane: Yeah, last summer.
Daria: You're really bursting out of the picture plane here.
Jane: Oh, yeah. That particular model was quite bursty. I think she had her bursts done.

Daria: Brittany invited me to her party.
Jane: No kidding! Are you going?
Daria: Sure, and after that I think I'll swallow glass.

"Hi. I'm Daria. Go to hell. No, it won't work. My face is too expressive." - Jane ("The Invitation")

"Mom! Dad! Daria is ruining my life, again!" - Quinn ("The Invitation")

"Did I tell you that I did this really nice thing and invited Daria Morgendorffer? Even though she never, ever, wears nailpolish." - Brittany ("The Invitation)

"I love being the hostess. It's so easy to get home at the end of the night." - Brittany ("The Invitation")

Dumb guy: So, where you girls been all our lives?
Daria: Waiting here for you. We were born in this room, we grew up in this room, and we thought we would die here, alone. But now you've arrived, and our lives can truly begin.

Daria: So, what happened to Bobby Big-head?
Jane: I wasn't really interested.
Daria: Too bad. Is this yours?
Jane: Okay, fine. He thought my head was a lollipop. Ready to go?

"It's the soul train. Beep, beep. Get on board." - Daria ("The Invitation")

Jane: So... have fun?
Daria: Well, I didn't talk to a whole bunch of new people. I made Quinn want to throw herself down a well. And I'm going home with a bonus sock. All in all, a great night.

Wraith's Ramblings:
A good followup to the first episode, this one gives us a bit more information on Daria's friend and family (well, on Quinn anyway). It sets the course for Daria and Jane's relationship for some time to come, with Jane pushing Daria into something new. A few new characters were introduced, and the series starts to pick up momentum.

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