The Daria Episode Guide:
Cafe Disaffecto

Lawndale's Cybercafe,, gets trashed, and Mr. O'Neill ends up setting up a fund-raiser to rebuild it as a coffeehouse (inspired by some sarcasm from Daria). Daria gets forced into it by Helen, and Daria talks Jane into going with her to sell chocolate bars.
After refusing to sell to a hypoglycemic woman, Jane and Daria are called to Principal Li's office, where they get told they won't get extracurricular credit. Mr. O'Neill asks Daria to read a story at the opening for credit, which she finally agrees to do to avoid being put in music camp by her mother.
At the opening, Daria reads an anti-communist story that causes the football team to riot and try to stone the Russian embassy (of course, there are no embassies in Lawndale), which gets the coffee house shut down.

Mr. O'Niell:  Right here and now, let's pledge to make Daria's dream a reality.
Daria:  You mean the one where people walking down the street burst into flames?

Jane:  Do you know CPR or something?
Daria:  No, but I once gave the Heimlich maneuver to Quinn.
Jane:  Did it work?
Daria:  She wasn't choking.

Jane:  We should be doing something now.  I'm sure of it.
Daria: Yah, I think you're right.

"She has no family. She ate them." - Jane ("Cafe Disaffecto")

"I have no friends. I walk alone." - Jane ("Cafe Disaffecto")

Principal Li:  You have no overall problem with raising money for the coffeehouse?
Daria:  I believe in coffee, coffee for everyone.  But I don't want to sell chocolate anymore.  It makes me feel dirty.
Jane:  The bad kind of dirty.

Principal Li:  You do want this extracurricular activity, don't you?
Jane:  (quietly)  Pop goes the weasel.
Daria:  Fine.

Wraith's Ramblings:
This was actually the first episode I saw. MTV isn't my normal viewing choice, but I was rather bored one day and looking for a way to kill half an hour or so before going to work, and I started flipping through the channels. I caught the bit in the intro where Daria's in the theater, and I had to watch the rest of the show. It rather surprised me that something like this would appear on MTV (I didn't notice what channel it was on until the first commercial break). The entire theme of the show got me hooked immediately (this is still one of my favorites), and as soon as I got home I started looking for information online, and it wasn't long at all before I started Sick, Sad World.
Also see my Rambling of 8-12-97.

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