The Daria Episode Guide:
Too Cute

Miss Barch has Kevin in really ugly make-up, using him as a science project (about how looks affect how people think of you). She doesn't let him take it off at all, and he hates being unpopular.
Brooke gets a nose job, which earns the admiration of the entire Fashion Club. Quinn compliments her on it, after the rest of the club does, and Sandy says Quinn isn't being sincere. After the Fashion Club dissapears, Quinn gets out of school by telling the nurse that she's sick. She gets Daria out as well (she needs someone honest).
They go to Dr. Shar's, and Quinn asks about getting a nose job. Dr. Shar says her nose is perfect, and then uses her computer to show Quinn with 6 grand of other surgeries. She then offers to make Daria look like Quinn for 20 grand. Daria asks for, but doesn't get, some modified after pics of Quinn (Daria: Could I see what she looks like with eye-brow ridges and a sloping forehead?).
After Daria insults her a few times, she sends them off with a printout of the 'revised' Quinn and a box for Daria (which ends up containing a pair of fake boobs). The next day at school, the entire Fashion Club (except Quinn) has bandages on their noses.
Then Brook comes in after a lot of other surgery, and asks to join the Fashion Club. Sandy threatens to ditch Quinn. Quinn tries to raise the six thousand dollars by getting Daria to ask for growth hormone, but she refuses. Jane suggests a fund raiser, and Quinn tries (but gets no donations, just a 'deposit' from Upchuck, who wants to borrow Daria's falsies).
Then Brooke's nose caves in, and Kevin starts paying people to like him.

"You'll have to excuse me.  My sister wants me to stay away." - Daria ("Too Cute")

Daria:  What is it?
Tiffany:  It's Brooke's new nose.  Isn't it cute?
Daria:  Don't worry.  It'll grow out.

"Hey, it's almost time for dessert.  Could we discuss liposuction now?" - Daria ("Too Cute")

"Now how are they going to explain this to the other monkeys?" - Daria ("Too Cute")

Dr. Shar:  Come on, it'll be fun
Daria:  I don't like fun.

Quinn:  You're just mad 'cause she figured you out.  Dr. Shar is really smart about people.
Daria:  Oh, yah.  She's got my number all right.  "Dr. Shar's pre-implant temporary bust augmentations; for evaluation purposes only".  She knew just what I needed.  Practice boobs.

"Anyway, I don't think your attitude's so bad.  You probably only need one fake boob." - Jane ("Too Cute")

"Oh, Daria, don't be shy.  Show me your boobs." - Jane ("Too Cute")
(Very out of context)

Upchuck:  Good day, ladies!  What's in the box?  Art project?  Science experiment? Adorable little pet? Ruff!
Jane:  A little of each, Upchuck.  Take a look.
Upchuck:  Hmm... call me 'country bumpkin', but, what is it?
Jane:  It's a fake boob.
Upchuck:  Uhhhhheh, uhhhhhhhheh, rlrlrlrlrlrlr  (runs off)
Jane:  Guess he's not quite ready for a physical relationship

Daria:  I can't have this on my conscience.
Quinn:  You don't have a conscience.
Daria:  What I meant was:  I don't feel like it.

Quinn: So you see, when you contribute to my surgery it's like we're all sharing the surgery.  We're making a statement about solidarity.
Andrea:  Solidarity?
Quinn:  You know, sisterhood is powerful.
Andrea:  Aren't you a little worried that there may be a hell?

Daria:  Pledge drive not going well?
Quinn:  People are so shallow.  Here, this is all I got and it's for you, from Upchuck.
Daria:  Why?
Quinn:  Deposit.  He wants to rent that fake boob for the weekend.

"I mean, I like being attractive and popular, it's, like, me okay?  So if Dr. Shar makes everybody else attractive and popular, then I'll have to be even more attractive just to keep up, and then if they, like, go back to her to catch up to me, then I'll have to go back and pretty soon it'll be, like, one of those vicious things!  Where will it end, Daria?  Where will it end?" - Quinn ("Too Cute")

"And her new lips, all the fat in the top slipped down to the bottom.  Now she looks like one of those beer dogs on T.V." - Quinn ("Too Cute")

Quinn:  But we're like a built-in support group for each other
Daria:  A regular Khmer Rouge
Quinn:  Well, blush is more like it.

Wraith's Ramblings:
Andrea gets another speaking part, although not much of one, and we get some character development in Daria (and more familiarity with Charles).
Also see my Rambling of 6-22-97

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