The Daria Annotation File:
The Intro

The name of the introduction song, "You're Standing on my Neck" may be a play on an old movie title, "The Fearless Vampire Killers or, Pardon Me But Your Fangs Are in My Neck". It's a 1966 horror/comedy, featuring an openly gay vampire who has a thing for one of the title character vampire killers.

The very first sequence at the beginning of each show, where the movie audience laughs but Daria doesn't: this is a parody of a cartoon by Charles Addams. In the original, the movie audience is all in tears, except Uncle Fester, who is laughing.

Later in the opening sequence, the shots of the volleyball game: are the other two girls Stacy & Tiffany from the Fashion Club? If so, what are they doing in those sweaty old gym uniforms? Ewwww!

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