The Daria Annotation File:
Lucky Strike

"Lucky Strike" was a brand of tobacco, but that probably doesn't have anything to do with the episode. There are also several bands by that name, and even more bait shops or fishing lodges.

The first negotiations take place at 10 am.

The evil Daria's comment about dancing on the head of a pin is a reference to a (very) well-known, old theological debate.
How many angels dance on the head of a pin? If they're like Daria's angel, the answer is simple. None.

Quinn calls home her sanitarium away from home. That works... sort of. She was probably thinking of sanctuary, but couldn't possibly compare herself to "that hunchbaked French freak".

Jimmy Hoffa was the president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters in the early 70s. He disappeared without a trace.

When Daria is addressing Joey, Jeffy or Jamie, she uses all three names. However, the first name she uses is the name of the person she is addressing.

Laurence Olivier was a famous Shakespearean actor. Note: was. He died in 1989.

Jake's comment about a bubbly cauldron is a reference to Act 1, Scene 3 of MacBeth. At least he got the correct playwright.

Jake's comment about a little wooden boy is a Pinocchio reference, which was (the story, not the reference) written by Carlo Collodi.

Jake's comment about Tibalt being a type of rock is a reference to the Character Tybalt of "Romeo and Juliet"

Jake's comment about Paris and the Pink Panther is a reference to the 1963 film. There is a connection with Paris in it, as Inspector Jacques Clouseau is from France. This is probably a double joke, as the writer is likely comparing Jake to Inspector Clouseau.

Mr. DeMartino's little "And you were there, and you" scene was a reference to the ending of "The Wizard of Oz" where Dorothy does the same thing.

Kevin gets to be on the receiving end of some crass stupidity for once. He doesn't seem to like it.

The Sick, Sad World episode being related to the Civil War may be a reference to either Daria and Quinn or Quinn and Sandi. Either one (or both) work.

Daria's grasshopper line is a reference to the flashbacks in every episode of the original Kung Fu series. Grasshopper was the nickname the old blind priest (anyone know the name?) used for Kane.

Mr. DeMartino's question about the Revolutionary War may be a reference to the show's content as well as history.

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