The Daria Annotation File:
The Story of D

The title is a pun on "The Story of D", by Pauline Reage. It's an erotica classic, concerning the love of a beautiful Parisian fashion photographer.

Quinn's comment about not being J. Edgar Winter is a double pun. The name she's trying for is J. Edgar Hoover, a famous director of the FBI. Edgar Winter was a musician, who was one of the first people to use a synthesizers to make records.

Daria's bit about the eye of the needle being so small to piss off the camel is a (well-known) Bible reference. (Matthew 19:24)

Paid "volunteering" is hardly a new concept. Clinton's entire Americorps scheme is based on it. But that doesn't make it any less silly.

Cats is, as is well known, an incredibly long running Broadway musical.

Daria's flesh eating virus story doesn't sound like it'd be a Musings kind of thing.

Quinn's "Smiley face, surprised face, wink" isn't something that'd happen in three keystrokes. The way she does it, not even a macro would do it.

Jake's old song:
We're the guys they call cadets
We're here to serve our nation
Fighting stinking foreigners
Right after graduation
We have learned to make our beds
Shine our boots all gleamy
When we put on our dress blues
We really look quite dreamy

Jake has a cheap keyboard with rhythm tracks, not a drum machine.

Sandi mentions Haight-Ashtray. Whether she was insulting the Haight-Ashbury period or whether she just had the name wrong, we won't know.

The only visible CD title is partially obscured. It reads: Rave ??rero.

Jane seems to be working on a self-portrait in the last scene.

Daria is playing a game very similar to Doom on her computer.

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