The Daria Annotation File:
Life in the Past Lane

The title is a play on the old phrase "life in the fast lane".

The store Jane and Nathan meet in is named "Stationers"

The name Nathan is probably a reference to "Guys and Dolls"

Kevin's comment about "David Coppertone" is a confusion of the magician David Copperfield and the suntan lotion.

Kevin's card is the Jack of Diamonds, but it's in unusual colors.

Teddy Wozniak, the subject of Brittany's naughty thoughts, is the quarterback for the rival Oakwood Taproots.

When Mr. DeMartino gets his cut from Charles, he only gets paid ten bucks, the same amount he just "lost" to Charles. Charles then uses the other ten to show off to the Fashion Club, so Mr. DeMartino doesn't seem to have made any money off the deal.

It is a federal crime to "deface" US currency.

The movies playing at the theater when Daria and Tom go are:
Weepy Mr. B 5
Decoopage (subtitled)

The name of the restaurant Daria and Tom go to is "Finneas T. Firefly". This seems to be a play on a Groucho Marx character, Rufus T. Firefly.

The speakeasy's password is a reference to "Who's Yehoodi?", one of Bob Hope's running gags in the 40s.
This is actually a reference to the 1935 song by Cab Calloway, "Who's Yehoodi" that gave Bob Hope his running gag, as he was a jazz fan, and most of middle America wasn't listening to "those people's" music yet.

The khaki's ad Nathan keeps talking about is almost certainly the Gap ads involving khakis and swing music.

Pomade is a (usually fragrant) hair dressing.

A snood is a hair-net.

Nathan's car is a 1957 Ford Sunliner.

Nathan describes Daria's look as "Catholic schoolgirl meets King's Road London, circa '83". Anyone familiar enough with London to describe the King's Road look?

Nathan's comment might be an observation of Malcolm McLaren's vintage clothing store, "The World's End," situated on King's Road in London. The store had the floor built at an angle so you would feel disorientated or even fall over as you entered, as if you were for ever at sea. Its facade was made to look like an 18th Century galleon. There was a giant clock made with 13 hours; its hands spinning backwards. The clothing labels pronounced the words "Born In England" instead of "Made In England." A sign read 'For Anarchists, Soldiers and Prostitutes.'

Daria's comment about taking a sunrise and sprinkling it with dew is a reference to the song "The Candy Man" by Sammy Davis Jr.

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