The Daria Annotation File:
One J at a Time

The title is a reference to a song by Elton John, "One Day at a Time"
You are my weakness
You are my friend
Nothing I have in the world
Makes better sense
`Cause I'm the fish and you're the sea
When we're together
Or when we're apart
There's never a space in-between
The beat of our hearts
`Cause I'm the apple and you're the tree

One day at a time
Is all we do
One day at a time

Is good for you, you, you
You are my woman
I am your man
Nothing else matters at all
Now I understand
That I'm the door and you're the key
And every morning
I wake in your smile
Feeling your breath on my face
And the love in your eyes
`Cause I'm the honey and you're the bee

"Sophie's Choice" is an 1982 movie about a survivor of Nazi concentration camps who falls in love with an American Jew who is obsessed with the Holocaust. Her choice is revealed in a flashback; on the night she arrived in Auschwitz she was told to pick one child, who would be sent to the ovens. The other would be spared.

Wasabi is an oriental seasoning somewhat similar to horseradish.

The book Daria gets has a title that starts with "Death". I can't make out the rest of it, but if I had to guess, it's probably Death & Fame by Allen Ginsberg, as we already know she likes his work.

Daria says the book is a first edition while looking in the middle of it. The publishing date, including which edition, is in the front.

Le Eats and Mangia la Cuisine seem to be parodies of places like Chez Pierre. Mangia is (roughly) Italian for "eat up".

Sandi is a big fan of the WNBA.


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