The Daria Annotation File:
Boxing Daria

The title is a reference to "Boxing Helena". It's a film in which a surgeon becomes obsessed with a former girlfriend and ends up amputating each of her limbs one at a time when she heals from a previous injury (the first of which being a car accident).

The Morgendorffers get the new refrigerator from "Karl's Kitchens." The guys must be good at their job, too, since they manage to get that refrigerator out of the top of the box, and don't cut it open or anything.

The clubs Ms. Li mentions:
Booster Club
Leadership Club
Chess Club
Football team
Basketball team
Lacrosse team
Marbles team
Fraternal Brotherhood of Future Marketing and Promotion Executives

The Retirement by Rocket episode is a reference to this episode being the final one. The 65 comment may also be a reference to the number of Daria episode produced.

Why did young Daria wear her glasses in bed?

"If nominated I will not run. If elected, I will not serve" was said by General William Sherman when he was asked to run for President by the Republicans.

Did anyone catch the title of the book the older Daria is reading?

The "heard of beautiful wild ponies" is a reference to "Esteemsters", where Daria gives the same answer to Ms. Manson, although on a different test.

The six year old Daria was reading "Black Beauty"

Branding deals with brand names, like Xerox and Kleenex. Quinn was thinking of a different sort of branding, where marks are burned in the hides of cattle so people can tell who owns them.

The diner Daria meets Jane is looks exactly like the diner they stop at in "Road Worrier".

The pictures on the wall above the stairs in the last scene look differently than they usually have.

The orientation tour is another reference back to "Esteemsters", where Daria and Quinn have to take one given by Ms. Li.

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