The Daria Annotation File:
Aunt Nauseam

The title is a play on the old phrase "ad nauseam". It's Latin for "to a sickening or excessive degree."

Chancellorsville was where Stonewall Jackson was accidentally shot and killed by his own men when he was return to their lines.

The first book Daria was reading seems to be "Our American Cousin", which is the title of the play Lincoln was watching when he was assassinated. I can't clearly make out the last line of the title, however.

Jake has a very high tolerance for martinis

"The Eagle has landed" was what Neil Armstrong said when the Apollo 11 lander landed on the moon.

"Hark, I hear the cannons roar" seems to be from a Woody Allen movie, "Radio Days"

I haven't been able to track down sources for the other two phrases, "The crow flies at midnight" and "the pigeons are at rest", yet.

The movie Jake goes to see is titled "Star Planet Warriors"

The second book Daria's reading has a title starting with "The House of the". At first I thought it was "The House of the Seven Gables" but there's only one more word visible on the cover, and it appears to start with an O.

Daria's line about "Frankly Quinn, I don't give a crap" is a parody of one of the most famous lines from "Gone with the Wind'. Quinn obviously has never seen the movie before.

Amy lives "a few hours" drive from Lawndale.

Quinn has a line about "hiding in your room like a kermit." The word she was looking for is "hermit" as a Kermit is a talking green frog (and a file transfer protocol).

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