The Daria Annotation File:
Psycho Therapy

Daria has really poor eating habits, at least for breakfast.

Jake drinks straight from the carton, but Helen doesn't complain about it.

The name of the retreat is Quiet Ivy.

Jane has an iMac.

There are signs of tension between Daria and Jane. Well, one sign, anway, in the way Daria just walks out on Jane after she sets up the web-cam. Not even a scathing parting remark.

The picture for Jane-cam is a bit too large, but this is probably an animation limitation. If they made the screen the size it probably would have been there wouldn't have been enough detail for us to see it.

Daria's comment about the Gamma People is a reference to a movie of the same name. It's a cold war film about an American reporter stuck in the Soviet Union, where he finds a secret experiment where Soviet scientists are mutating people with gamma radiation into evil henchmen.

Daria makes a comment about the Kravitzes when watching Jane and Tom on the web. The Kravitzes were a couple who lived next door to Darren and Samantha in the old sitcom "Bewitched". Mrs Kravitz was a nosy woman, always looking through the window and spotting Samantha performing some witchcraft. No-one would believe her, especially her husband, who always buried his face in the newspaper.

The shrink interviewing Daria isn't very good. He really shouldn't let anyone else sit on a session, even if they are family.

Looks like Daria is still a writer, even if there hasn't been much in the shows about it lately. She's still carrying a pocket notebook to jot things down in.

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