The Daria Annotation File:
Mart of Darkness

The title is probably a play on the book Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. Daria herself describes it as "A young man's journey into unknown territory brings him face-to-face with the savage brutality within his own soul."

Tom really eats fast. He sucks down those gummy bears like they're nothing.

Daria must only have one set of shoes (well, boots), since she wears the pair with the missing lace to the store. Quinn's closet probably resembles Immelda Marcos'.

Mrs. Li is a tax cheat, using school funds as a personal write off. Does this surprise anyone, though?

Kevin must be a better quarterback than he would appear to be, if Mrs. Li is willing to go to that sort of effort to keep him playing football.

Chum is shark-bait.

Daria's a bit picky at the sample station, considering her eating habits in the last episode.

Why do Daria and Jane go chasing after Andrea even though they're standing right by the sample station and the saleslady there?

Mrs. Johensen didn't take Quinn's advice about vertical stripes from "Psycho Therapy."

Daria seems to have relaxed her moral standards just a bit. She doesn't complain at all about Jane helping Mrs. Johensen get chocolate, despite her refusal to sell any to her in "Cafe Disaffecto."

When Kevin promises Brittany he'll make it (the cheap locket) up to her, they're standing in front of the BBQ sauce, which they were sent for and (of course) don't get.

PayDay must really cut corners in construction, because shorting out a single outlet really shouldn't be able to cut power to the entire building.

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