The Daria Annotation File:
Groped by an Angel

The title is a play on the popular TV show, Touched by an Angel.

Brittany only has a C- average. At least, that's what's on the report card. Given Mrs. Li's reaction to almost losing a quarterback to grade eligibility in "Mart of Darkness", this doesn't mean Brittany actually earned a C- average.

Max's Lyrics:
The universe is a cold, cold place,
Black and bleak like outer space.
The wind chill drops below subzero,
It's not your time to be a hero.

You can buy pants for $20. Just not where Quinn shops.

What Jane is talking about on the walk to the party is basically fatalism.

Ashley-Amber has seen Daria before ("The Old and the Beautiful"), but apparently doesn't remember it.

Trent doesn't want to let the crowd know what the name of his band is.

When Brittany believes Kevin, she tries to put the crystal megaphone on her head. It looks like a dunce's cap, which is appropriate.

Daria's comments to Quinn at the end (about believing whatever makes you happiest) approach dangerously close to hedonism; not only is that totally inconsistent with everything we've seen about her, she's certainly smart enough to spot the flaws in that philosophy, and smart enough to know that Quinn isn't.
Of course, she may also realize that Quinn isn't even bright enough (or at least won't bother thinking about it) to take hedonism to it's logical conclusions...

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