The Daria Annotation File:
Antisocial Climbers

The title is (obviously) a parody on the phrase "social climber," used to describe people trying to socialize their way to the top.

If this is a class-related field trip, why do two grades go on it?

The Sick, Sad World title "Babes in Thailand" is a parody of the operetta and movie title, Babes in Toyland. Which one in specific, I won't hazard a guess.

If Helen and Jake need Daria and Quinn out of the house for a night of intimacy, why are they renting a cabin?

Exactly how much did Quinn get to order from that catalog? It seems she got a far better bribe than Daria, after all.

Daria's comment about Principal Donner is a reference to the Donner Party, a wagon-train that got stuck in a snowstorm and had to resort to cannibalism. Jane's later comment about seeing who gets eaten first is probably also a reference to this.

The first scene after Ms. Li asks Ms. Barch to "short-rope" Mr. O'Neill is a parody of a scene in "Gone With the Wind" in which Scarlet digs up a carrot from the ruins of her family's farm, scarfs it down, and announces "As God is my witness, I will never go hungry again!"

There are actually "Snow Turkey" competitions... but I don't know how they work.

Daria's comment about the book depository is a reference to the Kennedy assassination.

Do any of these people get frostbite? Daria's the only one wandering around who has her ears covered, and even she leaves her hands exposed. Between the wet and the wind...

Who ends up going back for Kevin?

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