The Daria Annotation File:
Of Human Bonding

The title is a parody of the book Of Human Bondage by W. Somerset Maugham. It's about a sensitive boy who is orphaned, and raised by his aunt and uncle. He yearns for adventure, eventually leaving home, but later returns to London where he begins a doomed love affair that changes his life.
Quite the Jakey reference.

Daria'a comment to Quinn about throwing her friends in a lake is a reference to an old witch-hunting practice. Suspected witches were tied up and thrown in lakes or ponds, the theory being that a real witch will use her magic to save herself. Those that bobbed to the surface were witches. Those that drowned weren't.

Quinn asks Sandi over the phone, "What do you think this is? Uncivilization?" Uncivilization is the title of an appropriate song by Moral Crux.

Montessori is a system of education developed by Maria Montessori, and is actually quite effective. It was advocated by Ayn Rand, and seems exactly the sort of thing Andrew would like.

Do any of the other Fashion Club members complain about the nigh-clown makeup job Sandi does on Helen? Surely that's grounds for dismissal.

Daria tells Jake that they're very much like an Olympic skating duo. Although they weren't Olympic, the duo of the Ice Follies, Frick and Frack, became a common phrase.

Arno the ballonist seems to be a less-muscular parody of Arnold Schwarzeneggerr.

"Watch out for that tree" is a line from the "George of the Jungle" theme song done by Weird Al. It was for a cartoon that was recently badly remade into a movie. The main character is a Tarzan parody who has a tendancy to swing on vines right into trees.

Does Helen really wear that makeup all night?

Helen and Jake seem to have been married for twenty years.

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