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Loose Threads:

Since when do they let kids sell things like tickets to casino night on school grounds?

Aren't Daria and Jane too young to be allowed to gamble?

Who finally rescues Kevin and Brittany?


Ms. Li has a subscription to Weapons World magazine. Weapons World is also the name of a weapon store chain in the ShadowRun universe.

Jake's product name, the Radioactive Duck, is a reference to the movie "Mr. Drake's Duck," a British comedy about some newlyweds who try to settle down but find that their newly acquired ducks lay eggs with uranium in them.

Quinn's line about being deserted in her hour of need is probably a reference to The Ebb-Tide by Robert Louis Stevenson

Mrs. Manson, from "The Esteemsters," can be seen at the poker table when Daria and Jane first walk in.

The mile-high club isn't something you can join on a boat, unless it's being carried inside a C-5.

DeeDee and Mr. O'Neill in the front of the boat is straight from the movie "Titanic."

"The Island of Dr. Moreau" is a movie about a mad scientist on an island who's been turning animals into people.


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Double Meanings:

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