The Daria Annotation File:

Loose Threads:

Why is Quinn wearing glasses in the car? And where do they go later?

How much money do they actually collect?


In "Lane Miserables" Jane says that Daria is 17, and she's just now getting her license.

Daria's "It's a small world after all" is a chorus line from and title of a Disney tune. Jane's "If I could talk to the animals" is a line from the musical "Dr. Doolittle."

Daria's comment to the car, "Don't ask, Don't tell" is a reference to the US military policy on gays.

Quinn tells Daria "You're not the boss of me". Coming right after her comment on music preferences, this may be a reference to a song by They Might Be Giants. This song is used as the theme to Malcom in the Middle.

Quinn's comment about "you catch more flies with money" is a misstating of the adage you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.


Daria hands Trent his notebook, and by the next scene it's disappeared, even though there's nowhere near to put it.

Why does Mystic Spiral use acoustic guitars and makeshift instruments instead of their own instruments when playing at the sheriff's daughter's party? Since they're going to a gig, they must have their own instruments with them. Since the performance has been authorized, even commanded, by the sheriff, why would he deprive them of use of their instruments?

Double Meanings:

None yet.

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