The Daria Annotation File:
The Old and the Beautiful

Loose Threads:

Why doesn't Daria fight the whole mandatory volunteerism scheme?
And even though she doesn't, why doesn't Helen? Or does Helen never realize that this isn't fully voluntary?

Why do these people like Brittany's voice?


The title is probably a play on the soap-opera "The Bold and the Beautiful"

Daria's in Mr. DeMartino's class around 10.

Brittany draws little hearts instead of dots over her i.

Jane's comment about the Princess of Pleather is a reference to WhirlGirl, a Showtime animated series about "a hyperactive chick with a funky fashion sense and a penchant for pummeling."

Ms. Li seems to have an almost superstitious awe of the superintendent.


The intro was cut short; one of the scenes with Daria sticking her hand out at the volleyball was missing.

Jane says there's only one slot left for the art project, but then writes on a sheet that has several lines open. Daria then signs the same sheet after saying she's going to be helping old people.

Double Meanings:

When Kevin makes the comment about liking monkeys, Mr. DeMartino responds "A statement no doubt once also made by your mother!" Mr. DeMartino is (rather obviously) implying that Kevin is a monkey-boy.

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