The Daria Annotation File:
It Happened One Nut

Loose Threads:

Does Quinn ever get a portfolio together?


The title is a reference to the movie "It Happened One Night," which is about a millionaire's daughter marrying a man her father dislikes, which causes her to run away and become "a fugitive from high society."

Mr. DeMartino wanted to be a sailor.

Daria also went looking for cheese-fries in "I Don't"

The store "It's a Nutty, Nutty, Nutty World" is a play on the movie title "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" In the movie, a number of people overhear the last words of a dying millionaire, which sends them all on a cross-country chase for his hidden money.

Mr. Matthews resembles a character from Terry Pratchett's Discworld series, Hodgesaargh. Hodgesaargh is the falcon keeper for Lancre Castle. He's very concerned about his animals, but little else, and he's usually sporting many bandages, especially on his ear.

Jeffy's "flute thing" is a reference to snake charming.

Quinn is very allergic to pistachio dye.


Mr. DeMartino only hands sheets to Daria and Jane, not the rest of the class.

Double Meanings:

When Quinn is at the table asking for money for pictures to launch her neck-modeling career, Daria says not to forget the untapped potential of her shapely wrists. This may be a mild suggestion that Quinn should cut her wrists.

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