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Depth Takes a Holiday

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The title is a parody of a movie title, "Death Takes a Holiday." In the movie, Death takes a holiday to see what it's like to be human. It was recently remade as "Meet Joe Black"

The SSW comment about "The Savior went down to Georgia" is a play on a country western song, "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" by Charlie Daniels, involving the Devil challenging a boy to a fiddling contest, a golden fiddle versus the guy's soul.

Zelda Fitzgerald was a flapper in the 1920s. She did things like go swimming in flesh-colored swimsuits (so people would think she swam in the nude; this is the '20s, remember), danced on tables, and dove into fountains. She was also a writer, and did her best to blur the line between fantasy and reality. She was also diagnosed with schizophrenia and spent a good portion of her life in mental institutions.
"And I don't want to be famous and fated - all I want is to be very young always and very irresponsible and to feel that my life is my own - to live and be happy and die in my own way to please myself "

"Jane's Theme" is apparently a song by Herbie Hancock, a jazz musician.

The leprechaun's comment about "you really had a wonderful life" is a line directly from the sappy Christmas movie, "It's a Wonderful Life"

Holiday Island is probably a play on the old TV show, Fantasy Island.

While in the school Daria asks "Who are all these holidays?". To which Valentine's responds "A bunch of saint's days. Who can keep track?". It's kinda odd that Saint Patrick's Day and Saint Valentine's Day would have such an attitude toward those Days.... or could it just be that these two, now having moderate popularity, forgot where they came from?

Trent is playing guitar (it looks like a bass) in the holidays' band. When he says that he has to go Jane is able to replace him with a harpsichord player. Is a harpsichord, even if it's electric, a suitable replacement for a bass guitar in a punk band?

Daria's parting line is from "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens.


The intro is cut short again.

The Holidays supposedly have a "punk, hip-hop, electronica vibe". However we see them play at the end of the show. Trent's on guitar, Guy's on guitar, X (short for x-mas) is on... hmmm... a guitar. Halloween's on the drums. No laptops?, no synthesisers?, no sampled effects? Did they just decide to forget the electronica part of their sound? Do the writers of the show even know what electronica is or did they just throw that in as a buzz word?

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