The Daria Annotation File:

Loose Threads:

How do they finally get off the roof at the end of the episode? Wasn't the door locked?

Why the heck do Quinn and Helen drive up to the scene of the wreck when it's right outside their house?


This episode is production number 307, but was shown first in season three.

First (and so far, only) time an episode has used alternate introduction music.

Jake can get his pants, shoes and shoes on really quickly. And he wears pink boxers with red polka dots on.

Jake says "morning" to Helen in the kitchen even though they've already sung a duet about it being morning up in the bedroom.

Jake's "It's off to work I go" may be a Disney reference, "Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to work I go"

The weatherman on TV resembles Al Roker of NBC's Today show.

The scene where the Morgendorffers are in four panes singing together is probably a Brady Bunch reference.

This is the second time we see the football coach sitting on stage doing nothing. The first was in "Esteemsters."

Kevins comment about "We are the champions, my friend!" is a line from a Queens song.

The X-Files theme plays quietly in the background during Kevin's rant.

The football players doing their song after the pep rally remind me, in their dance, of the Oompa-Lompas from Willy Wonka.

The constant song comments about the town being "blown away" may be a reference to Gone with the Wind. I've heard that one of the early working titles was "Blown Away."

Brittany is incredibly limber. She can do a complete split while being held up by the waist in midair.

When Eric first starts singing to Helen, she looks around like she's trying to figure out where the guitar player is.

Quinn carries a pager. This was first seen in the pilot, but has pretty much not been seen since.

Jake's driving scene probably has some similarities to "Grease" but I haven't seen it recently enough to say.

Jake makes it back home about 1:50.

Trent has a duck phone.

Watch Kevin and Brittany's faces careful when Jane sings her bit about being stuck on the roof.

Jake starts singing his manly song about 2:20. Guess we know the limits of his patience now, half an hour.

Jake's first poses during the Manly song look like the poses you find on the top of bowling trophies.

Trent's flash into drag is an alter-ego from second season.

That storm sure ended quickly, and it left behind a reverse-rainbow. These do happen occasionaly, and are called Glories.

The Fashion Club must have gone to Tiffany's house, since there's a lot of pictures of her stuck around the mirror, and we've already seen (in "Genius") how narcissistic she is.

Jake crashes the car right in front of the Morgendorffer house, literally. The tree is in their neighbor's yard, even.

The final shot may be a homage to "The Muppet Movie", which is also a musical that ends in a rainbow shot.


Brittany, in the lunch line, walks off with the Jell-O, but not with the rest of her tray.

The mirror in Junior 5 is reflecting only Quinn and the one specific coat she picks out. The rest of them on the floor by the mirror don't show.

Where does that spotlight in the shack come from?

Kevin starts by pulling on the door in the shack, but ends up opening it by pounding outwards.

The glory changes to a regular rainbow in the final scene.

Double Meanings:

The opening song "Morning in the 'Burbs" is sung by the Morgendorffers, whose name is German for "Morning Villagers".

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