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Ms. Li's comment about rigging a bucket of pig's blood to the rafters is a reference to "Carrie", a horror movie in which a very unpopular girl ends up going to the prom (her date's girlfriend feels sorry for her and makes him take Carrie) and gets a bucket of pig's blood dumped on her by a jealous girl (who had been told off for being mean to her). Carrie promptly develops psychic powers and kills everyone.

Jane's painting in art class is a copy of The Shootings of May Third 1808 by Francisco Josť de Goya y Lucientes.

Mariel Hemmingway is an actress who has appeared in such films as "Deconstructing Harry" and "Naked Gun: 33-1/3"

Quinn's velvet rope and bouncer bit is a fashionable nightclub standard.

The Morgendorffers are eating dinner at 7:30.

Jake's mashed potato sculptures are a reference to "Close Encounters of the Third Kind"
Incidentally, the third kind means actual face-to-face alien/human contact.

Quinn must be an aspiring Stewardess, as the after -dinner speech she gave would be a good audition for such a job.

"Nut'n honey" was the theme of a cereal advertising campaign not long ago. The cereal, of course was "Nut 'N Honey Crunch." The campaign consisted of commercials where something outrageous would happen involving a bowl of the cereal, and someone would ask some question about what was going on, with the inevitable response.

Jackson Pollock was a painter who pretty much blazed the trail for Abstract Expressionism in the US. He was occasionally called "Jack the Dripper" for his style of painting, which involved pouring or splashing the paint on the canvas rather than using brushes, and was killed in a car crash.

Daria's comment, "I've come, I've seen, let's go" is a play on the famous "Veni, vidi, vici" ("I came, I saw, I conquered.")

Quinn has a very strict dating schedule, and it includes no slow-dancing until after the fifth date.


When the Fashion Club is in Quinn's room, Staci's shirt changes from light blue to green and back to light blue.

Double Meanings:

Jodie's comment about "nut'n honey" may also be a slightly insulting reference to Brittany, implying that she's both sickly sweet and very nutty.

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