The Daria Annotation File:
Jane's Addition

Loose Threads:

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The title is a play on a band name, Jane's Addiction. They're a fairly popular alternative band.

Jane is on academic probation, apparently for her language arts grade.

"The night holds the key" is a line from a poem titled Cold Champagne Dreams by C. J. Heck, author of Barking Spiders and Other Such Stuff.

Trent's experiments with his keyboard sound somewhat like the Moog Cookbook.

The music Trent first plays on his keyboard for Daria and Jane sounds like Bethtoven's Fifth set to Barnyard Animal Noises.

Daria's comment about keeping a reputation for bird-like appetites is probably a reference to "Gone With the Wind," in which Scarlet is told how important that reputation is to keep.


The intro is cut short again.

When Trent stands up to leave the pizza place at the end, his plate and unfinished pizza dissapear. When Daria gets up to join Jane and Tom, it's back.

Double Meanings:

The two walking scenes where Daria and her companion turn a corner are probably meant as symbolism. Both cases happen right before a "turning point" in Daria's life, the first right before Jane meets Tom and the second right before Daria stops trying to drive Tom off.
This is also just about the only episode we ever see anyone walk around a corner.

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