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Pierce Me

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The Morgendorffers are eating pizza instead of lasagna for once.

Quinn at least occasionally opens her parents' mail.

Ms. Li will really do anything to hype her school; where else has mother-daughter fashion shows?

Daria's "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia" comment is a Brady Bunch reference. That phrase, with a little more emphasis, is used in complaint against an older sister's perfection at school (available here)

Daria says she needs to switch phones, even though she's on the cordless phone.

Quinn's comment about "The downstairs members of the household would like the cordless phone back, please" may be a reference to British society of not so long ago, where there was usually a clear class difference expressed in who was upstairs and who was downstairs; one was servants, the other their rich employers.

Quinn makes a plea for equality ("If Sandi can be in it, everyone should be allowed in it") followed by a blatant plea to hierarchy and authority ("I'm Vice-president of the Fashion Club"). She makes a good (as in typical) hypocrite.

Trent has something against bookstores. A phobia, perhaps?

Helen really needs more sleep.

One of the outfits in the window of Funky Doodle is the same one Daria wears in her Go-Go Daria alter-ego. Trent even comments on how good she'd look in it.

Quinn is very correct when she calls Daria a pain-wimp, although it seems to be at least as much anticipation as actual pain that's the problem for her.

Daria's an innie.

Quinn can be pretty sure that Daria getting pierced will get her (Daria) into trouble. Back in "Road Worrier" Jake throws a tantrum when Quinn asks if she can have some money to get pierced.

Quinn's comment about "Oh the humanity" is a reference to the Hindenberg disaster. It's a (frequently referenced) comment made by a radio commentator.


The clock in the kitchen seems to be showing midnight during the pizza scene, but Trent says its seven. (Note: this may be because of the low-quality copy I have of this episode)

When Jane goes to redial, it looks like she's pushing 7, not redial.

Double Meanings:

Daria's comment on being tortured for the sake of some subculture's notion of beauty is followed up immediately by a scene with Helen and Quinn in the salon. Please tell me you picked up on this.

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