The Daria Annotation File:
I Don't

Loose Threads:

Where did Jake get the golf clubs?


Jake is a golfer.

Daria's dress not fitting her probably hints at not ready for marriage/not marrying type.

Helen's sister's last name is either Chambers or Danielson, although she's dating a Paul Meyerson.

Jane's comment about Scarlet is a reference to either "Gone With the Wind" it's sequel, "Scarlet".

Daria's comment of "Red Rum" is a reference to Steven King's novel, "The Shining." It's "murder" spelled backwards.

Jake was a Boy Scout.

Daria shares some habits with Jake.

Tang is a powdered "orange drink." It became indelibly connected with the US Space Program.

Helen gets so drunk she can barely stand up, but she doesn't slur her speech.

The song used in the end credits is an old 60's tune that is also used as the intro to "My Best Friend's Wedding."


The dress-fitter disappears from the scene several times, and doesn't seem to reflect in the mirror all the time she should.

At the auditorium during the bridal expo, there is the sound of clapping but no one in the audience is actually clapping.

Brian got to the bowling alley way too fast, he shouldn't have been  there before Daria and Amy.

Double Meanings:

None yet.

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