The Daria Annotation File:
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Loose Threads:

If the goal post is meant to split apart rather than break someone's skull, but they don't have the money to install two of them, where are they going to get the money to replace it when it gets broken?

Do the maintenance guys who left the goal-post against the bleachers ever get charged with anything?


Jodie is getting pretty stressed out, if Mack's comment about sharp objects is any indication.

We find out that Jodie sometimes hates the pressure to "go-along" that comes with being on Student Council.

Jane really enjoys it when Daria gives people what they deserve. She just gets this amazing look on her face when Daria starts in on Tommy.

Daria has locker number 204

Jodie asks Daria for writing help, and Daria jots down Brittany's stupid comment.

Daria tries to give everyone good advice, even though they're bugging her. (Remember what she told Kevin in "Too Cute"?)

When Daria and Jane are on the phone talking after Sherman dies, Daria automatically assumes Jane understands her point of view.

Jane tells Daria she's been trying not to think, and there's a lot of new art in her room that wasn't there earlier in the episode (she also seems to be going through a medieval phase).

Mr. O'Neill isn't comfortable with the work "freak".

Daria has come to terms with mortality, but she still overestimates her supposed peers.


When sitting around the table talking about pictures, we're first shown Daria from behind, and she has her left arm sitting on the table. When the camera angle changes it's not.

In Jane's story, after Tommy runs into the goal post, it disappeared when the paramedics picked him up.

When Kevin and Mac are being insulted by Tommy, they are the same height in close-ups but Mac is taller in the wide shots.

When Kevin goes to talk to Daria, he is smiling until the first change in "camera" angle where he is visibly upset.

The chair in Jane's room isn't visible in all the scenes it should be.

Double Meanings:

None yet.

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