The Daria Annotation File:
Cafe Disaffecto

Loose Threads:

Who trashes (and later Cafe Lawndale)? Is it the same person who stole the bake-sale money in "Esteemsters"?

Does Daria ever get her parents to set up a college trust for her?

Who's the guitar player at the Cafe Lawndale opening?

Does Cafe Lawndale ever reopen?


Daria, Jane, Jodie, Kevin and Brittany are in Mr. O'Neill's second period class this year.

As touchy-feely as Mr. O'Neill is, he's still willing to kill spiders.

Daria's comment about registering as a Conscientious Objector is a reference to military draft, especially during Vietnam. People whose beliefs conflict with the idea of participating in an armed combat are not exempt from the draft, but are allowed to fill only non-combat posts like medic.

Jake's question to Daria "Did something happen?" after Helen walked by may be a reference to a book by Joseph Heller, Something Happened. It's been described as doing to the American Dream what Catch-22 did to the military. Jake more than slightly resembles the main character, Bob Slocum, whose point of view we see the story from. To quote:
"Today, there are so many things I don't want to find out. I'd really rather not know, for example (although my wife and I feel obligated to probe) , exactly what kind of games are played at the parties my teenage daughter goes to, or what kind of cigarettes are smoked, or what color pills or capsules are sniffed or swallowed. When police cars collect, I don't want to know why, although I'm glad they've arrived and hope they've come in time to do what they've been called to do."

Lawndale's paper is the Lawndale Sun-Herald

Daria must have gone to a private school, most public grade schools wouldn't be trying to teach third graders how to play the flute.

When Daria goes to "volunteer" for the coffeehouse project, the clock in Mr. O'Neill's room shows the time as either four or 12:40.

Mr. O'Neill was in a fraternity.

Jane has a drafting table in her (apparently quite large) closet.

This is about the only time there's been a justification offered for Kevin wearing his football uniform.

Mrs. Johensen sure answered the door quickly for being in the basement when the doorbell rang.

This is the first real exposure to Daria's writing.

Daria's throw rug vaguely resembles the Sick, Sad World logo.

The song sung by the guitarist at the coffeehouse resembles a Billy and the Boingers song titled "U Stink but I Love U"

First speaking part for Andrea.

Brittany gives Kevin a black eye.

Daria's Melody Powers story seems based on the original Ian Flemming James Bond novels, where Bond is more a ruthless psychopathic killer that the government uses than the suave debonair spy shown in the movies.

Jodie and Mack are not the only black kids in town. There's another one watching the coffeehouse performances.

My favorite Daria line comes from this episode:
Mr. O'Niell: Right here and now, let's pledge to make Daria's dream a reality.
Daria: You mean the one where people walking down the street burst into flames?


There's a sheet of paper on Kevin's desk that disappears on the close-up of him. (When he's defending himself.)

The plant in the dining area moves from one side of the table to the other and back when Daria was threatened with music camp.

When Daria volunteers to do some fundraising, things on the board in the classroom change somewhat in different shots.

How can they raise money for a coffeehouse selling 11 cd's for a penny with no more to buy ever?

The doorbell is usually placed on the other side of the door.

Daria tells Mrs. Johensen that they've got two boxes of chocolate bars, but she's only carrying one, and Jane only has her Polaroid.

When Daria and Jane are in Daria's room talking about what she should read at the coffeehouse, there's a box on the floor near Daria that moves in different scenes.

In the breakfast scene after the coffeehouse opening (and closing), Daria's shown at the table with Jake and Quinn with a spoon, but doesn't have a bowl in front of her. She does wave it aimlessly in the air (like she was stirring something) at one point, and it just looks like the artists forgot to add a bowl to the scene. It shows up later when Jake asks her if she knew about the radicals in town.

Double Meanings:

Kevin is in English class.
Mr. O'Neill:  Charles... Charles.... did you hear me, Charles?
Kevin:  You mean, Kevin?

Now, Mr. O'Neill forgets all his students names (well, he knows Daria and Jane after "Cafe Disaffecto"), but in this case he uses Charles.  Charles is Upchuck's proper name.  Is there some comparison going on here?  Kevin does seem to be a bit like Upchuck about women, at times (especially in "The Lab Brat").

In "Cafe Diseffecto," when Kevin and Brittany ask him for money (for the cafe), his brow/forehead seems to look like a smiley face in some shots. This might be a double meaning: him being actually happy under his agitated exterior.

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