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College Bored

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Does Mack get his money back?


The seat-belts in Jake's car are attached to the seat rather than the car's frame, and has an upside-down Anarchy symbol for a hood ornament.

The college-prep course looks like it's being held in Mr. DeMartino's room.

The cops from "The Invitation" make a re-appearance in Brittany's fantasy.

Helen and Jake both went to Middleton College.

Middleton was established in 1776.

Helen is using a big canvas tote-bag for a purse, and Jake is wearing a fanny-pack backwards.

The girl who does the voice of the tour guide, Heather, is known by some as the voice of Jubilee in the cartoon version of "X-Men," Alyson Court (she also voiced Mrs. Manson in "Esteemsters," and the voice of Lydia Deetz in "Beetlejuice"). Note that "Middleton College" somewhat resembles the Xavier School from the comic book (and 1996 TV movie), to which Jubilee attends in the comic and live-action film.

One of the students in (presumably) the Quad is reading Trash magazine, which later appears in Daria's hands in "The Teachings of Don Jake"

The most cartoon-like moment occurs in this episode. Right after Jake gets hit by the first water-balloon, he and Helen wander off to check out his old dorm room. Right after they move, another water balloon hits where Jake was standing, followed by some books, and finally a huge stone with a carving on it.

The Sick, Sad World bit is muted, but shows the title "Real Life WereWolves" and shows a picture of a wolf (if not for the title I'd say dog) driving a car. The original werewolf myths were indeed about people who transformed completely into wolves. The later wolfman bit was a Hollywood creation.

Heather is either a very trusting person or a quick judge of character, since she's willing to pay Daria to "fix" a term-paper she spent $50 on only an hour or so after meeting her.

Jake is pretty out of shape, unless the campus is huge.

The first signs of trouble between Kevin and Brittany.


When Daria and Quinn are riding in the car on the way to see Susan and Doug, they are both wearing seatbelts, but they are not sitting in the places where seatbelts normally are (the sides and middle of the back seat).

When the teacher first holds up the "personal goals and aspirations" sheet it appears blank. Later on, you can see some writing on it.

When they are first in the classroom, there is a girl in the back of the room wearing black with a piece of hair dangling in her face, a couple seconds later, her outfit becomes yellow.

When the Morgendorffers are sitting around the dinner table after the first class, Helen dissapears whenver the camera isn't pointing right at her or taking the entire family. Her legs should be seen under the table in several shots.

Jake isn't wet about five seconds after he gets hit with the water balloon.

Quinn must really kick herself later, after a college girls mistakes her for being a couple years older than she really is. Then again, maybe she didn't think it through.

When Quinn is talking to the soririty sister, the signs on the houses in the background change.

When Helen and Jake first go into the old dorm room, it appears that there's a sort of bunk-bed over the desk where the guy is working on the computer. When Helen goes to talk to him, it isn't there, and there is a bunk-bed in the background. When Helen goes to look out the window, it's back. And when Jake asks for directions to the Bursar's office the room design seems to have significantly changed.

Daria appears to look at the back of the page of the term paper that Heather looked at.

The "underwear" kid comes out of nowhere.

When the "underwear" kid first talks to Helen, her bag is leaning against the wall underneath the bulletin board she put Daria and Quinn's pictures on. When she starts chasing him, it's gone.

When Daria and Quinn are arguing about who got them thrown out, the map on the side wall (shown earlier when Kevin was talking about his brothers) isn't there.

When Daria and Jane are sitting at the booth eating pizza, Jane's tights magically disappear and reappear as they go from the shot of them to the shot of Quinn and the instructor and then back again.

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