The Daria Annotation File:
The Big House

Loose Threads:

Who drops off Daria at the beginning of the episode? And why is Quinn hiding in the bushes?

Why don't the Morgendorffers have a second phone line? Helen does already have a cell-phone, but they've also got a stereotypical teenage daughter.

Miss Barch beats up Rock and Roll Randy shouting "It's pay back time, Randy!", but why? Is he her ex-husband, or does she have something else to pay him back for?

Why is Kevin so concerned about Daria?


Helen and Jake are pretty gullible sometimes. And Quinn is no good at lying, although she's got melodrama down.

Jane is standing in front of locker 188 when she and Daria are talking to Jodie. Her locker is right in that area, but it's hard to say exactly which one.

Right before the trial, Sick Sad World had a show about judges (and what they wear under their robes)

Helen makes a comment about no-one saying the justice system would be fair, and Jake responds with a vague "Actually, I think somebody did say that... Jefferson, or somebody."
Jake was correct for once. Thomas Jefferson was the one who said "A government of laws, not of men."

Quinn calls reading a book about an animal "so second grade", but of course, Moby Dick is one of the least second-grade books around. Most high-school students can't handle it (not that that's saying a lot).

Daria is a killer Scrabble player. Here's all the words on the board:

Eat and Brat were probably placed by someone else (the latter as a comment, no doubt), but Daria's working pretty hard at keeping the prison theme.

Daria's comment about her soul flying free as a bird may be a biblical reference. Although it's pretty common imagery, the earlier reference (about wandering in the desert) might indicate a connection. Specifically, with Psalm 124 "Our soul's escaped, as a bird out of the fowler's snare; The snare asunder broken is, and we escaped are."

Daria tries to get Quinn to read The Iliad, which includes a character named Helen (she's the one everyone is fighting over). It also involves the death of one who is portrayed as a defender of justice (Hector).

Quinn's comment about "now give me something I can read" is more relevant than it first appears. The Iliad was originally meant to be performed, not read, as it was created rather before written communication became a common mainstay.

"This is a trick, isn't it?" So was the great big horse...

Jodie and Mack are friendly with Jane and Daria. Jodie even hangs out with Jane to find out about Daria being grounded.

Daria lives on the second floor (she mentions climbing down).

The neighborhood the Morgendorffers live in is patrolled by a security guy.

Quinn's comment about "one day I may ask a favor of you" is a reference to "The Godfather"

When Helen gets home late, Quinn is asleep on the couch with a book on her. It's the same color as Daria's copy of The Iliad (which would probably put Quinn to sleep).

Quinn's room is over the garage.

Junior Wells was one of (possibly the) great blues harmonica player. He was also known as the Godfather of the Blues.


When Helen first pull out the stone tablets, both say "Rules" on the top. The next morning, one of them say "Cont." on the top (And it's blank on the other side).

When Jodie sells tickets to Daria and Jane, they're standing several lockers apart. When the camera angle shifts, they're standing right beside each other.

The lockers (seen behind Jane when she's talking to Jodie) aren't number properly. There's two rows of lockers, so usually evens would be one, and odds the other, but they're simply numbered from left to right.

Mr. DeMartino's lighter flame goes straight down, even though he's hanging upside down.

The furniture in the living room gets rearranged during the first commercial break, but the little folding table (with stuff on) comes out of nowhere, as does the big round one Jake appropriates.

There's a scene where Daria approaches Jodie, Mack, Kevin and Brittany. They talk to her, and Jodie puts her hand on Daria's shoulder. In the next shot, (which is of just Daria), the hand is gone.

The numbers for the rules seemed to change almost at random.

When Daria first starts reading her books, there is a stack of books next to the couch she is sitting on. Later on in the same sequence, when Quinn is complaining, that stack of books disappears for one scene. Also, Daria seems to have two copies of The Iliad.

When Quinn asks Daria if she can borrow a book, Daria hands her the Iliad. When asked if there are horses in it, Daria answers "As a matter of fact, there's a great big one." She seems to be referring to the Trojan Horse, which is the big wooden horse that supposedly allowed the Argives to sneak into Troy. However, while there are a large number of chariot horses in the story, the Trojan Horse is never mentioned. The Iliad only covers up to Hector's funeral, with Troy still standing (unless I had an abridged version for some reason).

The Park Place on the Morgendorffer's Monopoly board is the wrong color. Their is red, it should be blue.

There doesn't seem to be any other players on the court when Mr. DeMartino and Rock 'n Roll Randy face off. Or a referee.

Double Meanings:

Intentional or not? You make the call.

Helen holds up the rules she make, on headstone shaped something or other.
Daria: Does this mean we get to wander in the desert for forty years?

Now, I'm sure most people caught the obvious reference, but desert has many meanings in the dictionary. The alternative one I find interesting is that it is also 'Something deserved or merited, esp. a punishment <just deserts>". Did they mean this, or is this one of those odd accidents?

This is the one I've received the most mail about. Yes, I know what the wandering in the desert is about, it's the obvious reference I mentioned. No, it is not "Just desserts." According to Websters it is "just deserts." Okay?

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