Background Characters

Blind Man

First showing in Esteemsters as a blind man, he later shows up with his sight miraculously restored.

Burnout Girl
One of the holdovers from the pilot, Burnout Girl was designed by (and based on) supervising director Karen Disher.

Officially she's known as "Girl Teen 6". She supposedly resembles an office production assistant who left to join the police force. Her name, of course was Dawn.

Dawn's Alter-Egos
Fourth season
Fifth season


Head Boy
  Even a minor speaking role can't save this poor boy from the role of background character. Maybe if he ever changed his shirt...
Popular Girl
An early paragon of popularity, she quickly vanishes for unknown reasons. She can still be seen playing volleyball in the introduciton.
Officialy named "Boy Teen 8", the staff just likes him, so he aquired his nickname. In one episode ("The Invitiation") he even manges to be onscreen twice at the same time.

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