Ruthless Bunny

The Secret Life of Jake Morgendorffer
8/01 A nod to James Thurber. Did you ever wonder what Jake was thinking? Now you can know.
Daria's Wedding
8/01 Daria prepares to marry the man of her dreams, 15 years after high school.
Jane Lane's Diary
8/01 Takes place after Daria's Wedding, Jane Lane lives life in the fast lane, will she find time for love?
Trent's Girlfriends
9/01 Who are the women in Trent's past? Haven't you always wanted to know?
9/01 Trent helps Helen plan a surprise graduation present for Daria and Jane.
For You
9/01 The alterna-shipper, Daria/O'Neil
9/01 Trent comes back into Daria's life, 15 years in the future, can he rekindle her flame?
Pick A Card
9/01 ane, Trent and Daria go to a street fair and have their Tarot cards read, what do they say?
Mean Reds
9/01 Daria has a fight with Tom, which leads to a wild night on the town.
Something's Afoot
9/01 One from the Lawndale After Dark collection, a Quinn/DeMartino foot fetish/shipper. EW!
Spiraling Out of Control
9/01 The Rolling Stone Interview. A slice of life on the road with Mystik Spiral.
Turning a Page
9/01 Quinn's a senior, and a lot has changed.
The Road not Taken
9/01 A mini-prequel to Daria's Wedding. Daria takes the step that takes Trent away from her forever.
Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know
9/01 A counter-point to The Road Not Taken, from Trent's point of view.

Ruthless Bunny is a mild mannered rabbit, unless she's irked, and then all bet's are off. A propeller head by day, she deals with logic and circuitry, at night, she mostly chats and writes stories about a cartoon. You can write to Bunny at

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