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Synopsis: A Daria/Dragonlance crossover was suggested, and a ficlet was born.


Author’s Notes: The events in this conversation-based ficlet are assumed to take place at an undefined moment between the Dragonlance Chronicles trilogy and the Dragonlance Legends trilogy.


Acknowledgements: Thanks to Dr. Mike, who wanted to see it done, and to everyone at TSR and Wizards of the Coast, for whom I once created tales of Krynn.











A Daria/ *Tasslehoff* crossover......


God, that’s a scary thought.


(*Tasslehoff* alone in Quinn’s room. **shudder**)



—drmike on PPMB, 3/11/2004





            “Wow! Raistlin, Caramon, come look at these! Scrunchies!”

            “Oh, great, the gate’s disappeared again. Tas, put those down. They don’t belong to—hey, take that out of your topknot!”

            “Oh, you big doorknob, I was just seeing how they look in my hair. See, there are all these—oh, wow! Gems!

            “Tasslehoff, those are not gems. They are made of an artificial substance like glass. They’re worthless.”

            “But Raist, they look so pretty! There are drawers full of them!”

            “I think this is a child’s room. She must be from a wealthy family, as well furnished as this bedroom is.”

            “So, she’s a princess? Is this a closet? Oh, gods! Raist, look at these clothes. Who would let their daughter run around in clothing like this? Hey! Put those back, Tas! All of them. That one, too.”

            “Caramon, no! Just one, please?”

            “Raist, we’d better go. The gate’s opening again. Tas, turn around. The gate’s opening again. Tas!”

            “Raistlin, where is this place? Is this place on Krynn? Is it in the future or past?”

            “I have never read runes like these. My magic tells me this is a world called ‘Lawndale.’ It is not in any of my tomes.”

            “Nice room, anyway. Tas, put that down. Tas! Go through the gate! The gate, damn it! Tas!





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