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Jane Lane: Hero in the Making?
06/05 Is Jane Lane the offbeat artist soon to become Jane Lane, Hero for Hire? Her genetic code might hold the answer, thanks to a potential stockpile of famous Lane ancestors, courtesy of science fiction’s Wold Newton family!
Jane and the Lanes: An Essay about the Lane Family of Lawndale
06/05 It is possible with a little math work and careful study of Daria show scripts to work out the approximate ages of Jane Lane’s many siblings and the circumstances of their birth, feeding interesting speculation about the Lane family’s history and the sources of their interpersonal problems. More fanfic about the Lane family is called for. This is the fourth version of this essay and includes much new material.
Rita Is Better Than Helen or Amy! A Reasoned Defense of Rita Barksdale of ‘Daria’
Rita Barksdale deserves better press than she’s gotten in “Daria” fanfic. This essay attempts to rectify the situation using material from the episodes themselves as proof of her basic goodness. Fanfic plot ideas are appended for everyone’s use.

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