Daria and Jane sat in class, listening to the same mindless, boring crap that they always have to listen to.

"Pssst. Hey! Daria!," the girl sitting next to her whispered. The girl handed her a note. It was from Jane, of course. It read

Hey Daria,

Are you doing anything this weekend? You don't have to bail Quinn out, do you? Anyway, I was wondering if you wanted to come with me and Trent to "Wonderland".

Trent. The name went through her head. Of course she was going to go now!

Yea sure, she wrote back.

"Wonderland, isn't that the fantasyland for kids of all ages," Daria asked mocking the commercial.

"Yea, I guess you could say that," Jane answered.

"So, Trent's coming, huh?"

"Yea. He wants to bring out his "inner child"."

"Are you talking about me," Trent asked walking up behind them.

"Yea, actually we were,"

Jane said to him. When they reached Daria's house, Jane and Trent paused temporarily.

"Bye Jane, Bye Trent,"

Daria said as she walked up the walkway to her house.

"See ya, Daria! I'll call you this weekend," Jane yelled to her.

Daria opened the front door and walked in. She saw Quinn sitting on the couch, channel surfing and stopped on "Sick Sad World" as she always did. Daria plopped down on the other side of the couch.

"Today on 'Sick Sad World'," The announcer said. It trailed off as Daria and Quinn started their conversation.

"So Quinn, How many dates do you have this weekend?"

"Six. You know, it's hard being so incredibly attractive and popular."

"Actually, I wouldn't know," Daria answered. The commercial for "Wonderland" popped onto the screen.

"It's a fun fantasyland for kids of all ages," the perky announcer said.

"Looks like I'm gonna have loads of fun this weekend," Daria said sarcastically.

Finally, the weekend came. Jane and Trent showed up in his van. Daria "hopped" in and they drove away.

"So, how much is it to enter this fantasyland of fun," Daria asked.

"About 6-8 bucks, depending on age," Trent said.

"It's only 6 for younger kids. You brought 6, right Trent," Jane asked jokingly. They finally got to "Wonderland". The sign on the gate said "CLOSED DUE TO THE WEATHER".

"Oh no, it's closed," Daria said sarcastically.

"So much for 'Wonderland'," said Jane, "How'bout a movie." They all got into the van and drove to the movie theater.