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Why would the marketing exec of a mall carry around frozen yogurt and merchandise coupons?

What is "Guy's" real name?

What happens when Brittany drags Kevin off after he stole the 'cute little thingy' for her?

What does Daria do with all the doodads she won?

Do the Morgendorffers ever go back to the Mall of the Millennium?


mandarin collar This is a Mandarin Collar.

Quinn is, not surprisingly, having grade problems.

Mrs. Bennett must be a coach for some school team, the way she uses a chalkboard.

No one wants to sit next to Charles on the bus. He's got a seat all to himself.

Mrs. Bennett's comments about the mall as a living organism echo part of Terry Pratchett's book Reaper Man, in which he presents sno-globes as mall eggs, shopping carts as mall larvae, and malls as predators of cities.

Mrs. Bennett isn't very observant, to let two of her students make out on the bus during a school field trip, especially since they're sitting right near the front.

When Daria is complaining about being sick on the bus, Jane makes a reference to Teen Spirit, which is also a song by Nirvana.

The Gupties (who appear with more important roles later on in "Pinch Sitter" this season) are riding the tram in the car ahead of Daria and class. So is Rock 'n Roll Randy, who appears later in "The Big House".

The "Mall of the Millennium" is NOT the second largest mall in the world (unless the largest is in another country) because the second largest mall in the United States is in King of Prussia, PA.
--- The largest mall in the world is West Edmonton Mall, in Edmonton, Alta., Canada. The Mall of the Millennium was probably inspired by the Mall of America in Minnesota, which is the real-life second largest mall in the world. If one were so inclined, this could be used to place Lawndale in the upper Midwest. - Comixboy
The announcement actually says "the second or third largest..." If it is indeed the third, it could very well be the mall in King of Prussia, PA and it is about 100 miles from the southeast corner area of CT. I would guess the name is a play on the Mall of America but the location of Lawndale seems to be more consistent with New England (CT specifically) than the upper Midwest.
- angelinhel

Charles hits on anything female on two legs.

Mrs. Bennett is married to someone named Herbert, and they both collect Fuzzy-Wuzzy Wee Bits, an obvious play on Beanie Babies.

When Daria and Jane are in line at the food court, another guy from their class is in line right behind them.

In Malled, Daria and Jane pass a restaurant in the food court named Tofu Fighters.

At Scizzor Wizzards, the stylist tells Jane that her next appointment is here, but there's a sign saying "No Appointments" on the wall behind her. There's another big one right over the door outside.

First time an alternate song was used as the ending theme.


A pitcher appears out of nowhere in front of Daria while the family talked.

The light switch in the marketing room has an incredibly odd placement.

The guy with the grey sweater and pink shorts is sitting in the front and back of the bus at the same time, unless he's twins who aren't on speaking terms.

Jane reads one of the coupons (it looks like she's holding three) and says it's for Scizzor Wizzards, then hands it to Daria, who reads it and says it's for The Doo-Dad store.

Mrs. Bennett sets up a time and place for a meeting, but she never seems to worry about Daria and Jane not showing up, and they never seem to tell her about going home with someone else.

While Daria and Quinn meet in the mall, they walk by the same background more than once. (This is a common animation practice)

The "No Appointments" sign in the hair salon keeps moving when the camera angle does.

Daria didn't have the 10,000th customer hat on when the doodad picture was taken, but it was in the picture. For that matter, she hadn't actually become a customer (bought anything) when she won the prize.

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