Mr. Timothy O'Neill

Mr. O'Neill

Age: ?
Occupation: Teacher (english)
Goals: Get in touch with is inner child.

Mr. O'Neil is the english teacher. At first, he often forgot his students names, but seems to have overcome his memory problems finally. He is the 'sensitive, caring type' withall the "Let's share our feelings" junk in class.  He also runs the after-school self-esteem class.  He's afraid of students' parents, especially the fathers.

He is currently in a relationship with Ms. Barch. Although he is a voluntary particiapant, it probably wouldn't matter if he wasn't.

Mr. O'Neill's Alter-Egos
First season (none)
Second season
Third season
Fourth season
Fifth season

What his name means:
Timothy, a 3-syllable boy's name of Greek origin, means: One who honors and fears God

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