Ms. Angela Li

Ms. Li

Age: ?
Occupation: Principal (high-school)
Goals: Bring honor and glory to the name "Lawndale High". And make a few drug busts along the way.

Principal Li is, obvoiusly, the principal of Lawndale High School. She knows Daria and Jane by name. She allows all sorts of weird things to go on in her school, and  seems most concerned with "bringing honor and glory unto Lawndale High."

She's allowed a modeling agency to recruit at her school, she's held a bridal expo in the auditorium, she's held a fashion show, and she's encouraging a grade-fixing scheme to allow her star athletes to continue to play sports.

Ms. Li's Alter-Egos
First season (none)
Second season
Third season
Fourth season
Fifth season

What her name means:
Angela, a 3-syllable girl's name of Greek/Latin origin, means: Angel; messenger.

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