Brittany Taylor

Age: 18
Occupation: Student (12th grade)
Goals: Become a model. And help the starving kids in the desert, or something.

She's on the cheerleading team (head cheerleader, perhaps?) and is going out with, who else, the quarterback of the football team:  Kevin.  She lives in Crew Neck, a gated community, where you're judged by your jacuzii and the carpeting in your bathroom.  She has a sadistic younger brother, which perhaps helps explain the way she treats Kevin.

Her specialties include:
Clueless cheers
Hair twirling
Vacant looks.
Hitting Kevin.

Brittany's History:
First season
Second season
Third season
Fourth season

Brittany's Alter-Egos
First season
Second season
Third season
Fourth season
Fifth season

What her name means:
French place name.

Brittany's numerology reports:
Brittany's name numbers
Brittany's inclusion table
Brittany and Kevin's compatability report

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