Charles Ruttheimer III

Age: 18
Occupation: Student (12th grade)
Goals: Would you care to see my... private studio?

Charles is the hormone driven wanna-be ladies man of Lawndale High.  He's attracted to anything female on two legs.  He seems to have a moderately well-off father (divorced maybe) who is also possessed of an incurable case of satyriasis.

When not under control by his hormones, he seems to have a delightfully demented sense of humour.  He's also surprisinginly good at painting, although his subject matter leves a bit to be desired.

Chuck's Alter-Egos
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Second season
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Fourth season
Fifth season

What his name means:
Nickname of Charles.
Charles:  Old German carl, "a man";  also Old English ceorl, "a man"; also French from Latin Carolus.

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