Minor Characters


Artie is a UFO and conspiracy freak. He hangs out at UFO conventions often, and has trouble holding a job. Mostly because he spends more time telling people about his abductions than actually working.

One of the many Lawndale High guys who chases after the Fashion Club, or more specifically, Quinn. He's really the only one that's made multiple on-screen appearances.
Lester and Lauren, a family with two children (not pictured here), they're the epitome of cutesy. Their house is a modern version of a gingerbread house, and the two kids are little angels, at least until they make the mistake of having Daria baby-sit.
Mrs. Johannsen

A large, hypoglycemic lady who shows up occasionally, generally when some kind of food she isn't supposed to eat is involved.

Mrs. Johannsen's Alter-Egos
Fourth season
Fifth season


A musician who shows up from time to time around Trent. They've got an on-again off-again romance going that seems to consist of them either ignoring each other totally or fighting.
One of the politest football players you're ever likely to meet. He seems to be the "stand in date" of Lawdale High.
Sick, Sad World Reporter
  The lady with the British accent who gets to conduct all the odd interviews. She even interviews Artie for one show, much to Daria and Jane's disgust.
Ted DeWitt-Clinton
An odd, video-game and gum obsessed kid who was home schooled by even odder parents.

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